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  1. Why is plan B so expensive in America? It only costs R80 = $5 in South Africa. I am shocked!

  2. that’s precisely what i was quoting from. i’m more than thrilled with my dog, and honestly now based on the followup, i’m fairly certain your comment was intended to be backhanded. don’t need a genetic analysis of my dog and to be told over and over i’m wrong and misguided when i spent years researching this.

  3. 75mg? lmao i lost a bet and ate an entire syringe of RSO in one sitting once. came out to 870ish mg… never been so high in my entire life lmao i legit couldn’t move haha.

  4. The stage light suddenly pans over her while she’s singing. She doesn’t notice the light and continues singing, the crowd and performer are speechless and cheer her on, she notices and blushes. The performer asks her to come on stage, she stutters, the crowd cheers her on. She makes her way down the aisle and on stage with everyone cheering and clapping. The microphone is handed to her and she looks up at the crowd anxiously. She turns her head over to the performer offstage nervously, the performer mouths “it’s okay go ahead”. She takes a breath and grips the mic and starts singing with glee. She hits note after note and the crowd cheers with tears in their eyes. She finishes with a breath taking vocal. She then slowly opens her eyes to a theatre of empty seats, broken and run down. There is a hole in the ceiling so big that you could see the moon shining in through the overgrown vines, the paint on the walls are peeling off and the wooden floors have deep cracks. She looks at her hand to find a broken microphone with the cord corroded away, she drops it causing a sound that echos throughout the whole theatre. She stands in silence clenching her eyes closed hoping that she can relive her dream once again but the attempt is abruptly interrupted by a blood curdling screech coming from the hole in the ceiling, she looks up and notices a creature staring down at her, eyes glowing from the reflection of the moon. She gets lost within the eyes of the creature and falls back into her dream, where she can relive it once again.

  5. Clunk clunk clunck clunck clunck

  6. not necessarily somethin i wish i knew, as it was one of my mainstays for raising luca, but SOCIALIZATION. you absolutely must bring your pup around as many dogs and people and odd situations as you can!

  7. why did i stare at this for 13 seconds thinking it was a video?

  8. whoa no actually when i was growing up it was “chimo” ..short for child molester but yes the definition is what i was referring to! had no idea it was “chomo”.. does that even make sense?

  9. came here for this comment hahaha he’s just casually chillin in the exact same fit as the chimo…

  10. Size is not equal to mass, some of the most massive objects in the universe, neutron stars, can be as small as 15 miles across, while containing many many times the amount of matter that is in the sun.

  11. yeah i can only speculate that the speed at which the other planet is flying toward earth in this video would translate to like unimaginable numbers.. for something that large to actually appear to move so quickly, it would most definitely cause utter vaporization of both planets on impact

  12. A more plausible explanation is the planet is significantly smaller and closer than it appears, to the point it would no longer be considered a planet at all, then the strangest thing about it would be its spherical shape.

  13. didn’t even consider that! crazy - sheesh, any way you slice it, seeing this would certainly be oddly terrifying haha

  14. Yup they don’t know bout the real California exotics! If the pack wasn’t 4500+ i don’t need It in my lungs 💯💯 mfs can keep the budget weed.

  15. bro it’s crazy ppl don’t know about these brands IF THE ZIP AINT 400+ I CANT SMOKE DUDE ABOVE TALKIN BOUT 160 A ZIP ALL DAY THEN TRIES TO TELL ME MY PACK AINT SHIT LMAO

  16. bragging that you have to spend a lot of money just to smoke weed is a super weird flex, but okay lmao

  17. tell me you know nothing about weed without telling me you know nothing about weed lmao

  18. absolutely adorable shibe! that sashige/sesame is gorgeous.

  19. yeah that’s gonna be two nopes from me, dawg

  20. So since you were rudely interrupted while telling me important stuff.lol Have anyone tried using a conventional vape tank like the SMOK beast or a freemesh fireluke? A sub-ohm large coil tank. From general observation I have noticed that the baby 510 carts are the most basic type of tank. A baby coil with some sort of wicking material. It would seem to me that any tank might work , however the sitting time before the oil makes its way to the coil world be significantly longer. Iam going to try this theory out today. As loading the small 510 carts is always a sticky mess no matter how careful you are.

  21. haha way to revive this!! well, your main problem here will be viscosity - nicotine vape juice is much much thinner (yayyy chemicals!) than thc is, which is WHY the 510 carts seem so primitive. if you load a standard sub-ohm with just weed oil, you’ll improperly fry the shit out of it; kinda like throwing a frozen turkey in an oven set to broil, if that makes any sense?

  22. One neighbors ganna have small talk and ask what the neo light is on the roof. Then 24 hours of flip flop beatings and screaming will ensue

  23. yeah that’s, uh, kinda how sanctions from the west work, bub.

  24. Well, there's fashionably late, and then there's embarrassingly late.

  25. lol imagine bitching about $1.50 and losing out on a taco place good enough to keep coming back to for decades over it

  26. lmao i’ve taken this exit 15,000 times in my life. you have to be flyyyyying around that corner for anything remotely close to this shit to happen.. only thing oddly terrifying is the amount of unaware drivers here haha

  27. you beat me to it haha but YO FKN SAME THOUGHT PROCESS

  28. okay i’m fucking sorry, did that say LUMINOX?! who remembers??

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