1. Probably the nicest looking Razer keyboard that I've seen so far.

  2. Hitek are cool but I honestly don't really see the point in putting them in a custom keyboard.

  3. Already covered 😎 will be 2 different PCBs

  4. The original E3D hotends are great (so good actually that many cheap printers use clones of them).

  5. No idea, just wanted to spark a discussion. Maybe alternate fonts, designs or shapes?

  6. All of those things require new plastic injection molds to be made.

  7. That board definitely needs high profile keycaps like SA or MT3.

  8. That looks like some piece of Atlassian software.

  9. If I am not mistaken you have to cover off that IC window. since UV light will reset the CHIP removing all firmware from it.

  10. It doesn't look like that PCB is actually used. It's probably just decoration.

  11. Use VScode, it'd just a text editor but it works super well. I have written a ton of C/C++ with it and have had zero issues.

  12. Only Visual Studio Code which is just a text editor with syntax highlight

  13. If you really want to get an answer on here it's better if you stick to English.

  14. Was thinking of filling my spacebar with silicon caulking and Letting it dry, has anyone had this idea before? Or should I stick with putting foam in it?

  15. Silicone might make the spacebar too heavy and cause issues with it returning back to the normal up position after being pressed.

  16. Typically in keyboards, how much current goes through the switch? 5 mA? I am considering using the GPIO pullup in a microcontroller, which can provide about 50 nA, and I am not sure if it will work reliably for a long time.

  17. Since a switch is not an active component that consumes power itself the MCU itself is the only thing that will draw power from the switch when the matrix is polled.

  18. You aren't supposed to bottom out fully during typing.

  19. Looking for a work keyboard. Best 100% with hot swap switches? Price around $150

  20. Keychron Q6 is a bit above $150 but is very high quality

  21. 34 currently built, 10 unbuilt and 7 more incoming from various groupbuys / sales.

  22. That's not how a heated bed is constructed or how that works at all...

  23. The offset is the distance of the cr touch probe to the center of your print nozzle in X, Y and Z direction.

  24. No, you don't blow cold air towards the heatsink, you have to pull air AWAY from it

  25. This is completely wrong and idk where you got that misinformation from.

  26. On my custom printer with genuine e3dv6 hotend there is a clip on fan that goes on the heatsink fins directly, I presumed that it was the same on his machine, I didn't understand that it was open as you say from the pictures, I couldn't tell

  27. On an E3D v6 with the stock clip on fan duct it might actually work since that allows the fan to really pull air through the fins of the heatsink.

  28. Only ABS filament creates unhealthy vapors when being printed.

  29. That's the fan duct for the parts cooler.

  30. I’d assume it would just screw on but I don’t seem to have the screws to fit it?

  31. the screws are probably still stuck inside the hotend housing or in the screwholes of the part cooling fan.

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