1. Time. It doesn’t matter where they are in the galaxy, time seems to move at the same speed.

  2. If she’s of legal age, share some pics and we can all fantasize together.

  3. I remember finding old playboys in the woods

  4. So that’s where I left those. Nothing like good memories and even better masturbations.

  5. Back in my day, if you wanted to jerk-off to porn, you had to go to the backroom at a video rental. Then, you had to suffer judgement from the kid working the register as you brought up your stack of skin flicks for your 2 day rental.

  6. Oh no, that’s horrible. But, out of curiosity, what’s your rate?

  7. Oh no, that sounds horrible. How about you tell me where you live and I spend the rest of the night watching over you as you sleep from your bedroom closet.

  8. I already have a paralysis demon that does that I don't need a pathetic creepy human doing it.

  9. Season 2 will focus on Elsa’s never-once-mentioned twin sister Elizabeth.

  10. Sugar buns, if you want to even the score I can give you the dicking of the millennia.

  11. That was a really, really creepy movie. It didn’t need gore or a big budget, just talent and atmosphere and it literally made my skin crawl.

  12. I’m 35f, also obsessed with gore. Just fascinated with death and all the ways it can happen, to anyone at any time for any or no reason.

  13. Does the thought of being fucked on a morgue slab turn you on?

  14. You shouldn’t give Dahmer any attention, the mo’ fo’ ate that shit up.

  15. You ain’t found the right guy, yet, sugar doll. I promise, once I bury my face into your moistening crest of womanhood, the only tears you’ll know will be those of joy. So how about you tell me where you live and we can begin the evening with some romantic anal.

  16. Scumbag. Also: I happen to think he really did hang himself. He was staring down the barrel of a life sentence, knowing full well what happens to child molesters in prison. Makes sense that he took the easy way out to save his sphincter.

  17. Congrats, murderer, that was your first life taken but I doubt it will be your last. You’ve a taste for it now.

  18. Now, now, let’s not be too hard the dad’s friend. I mean, if OP is a nice, warm, slice of fuck-berry pie, could we really blame the friend?

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