1. I really really hope they might release this scene one day. I want to know what's going on in this.

  2. He is almost 20 years OLDER than the book character. 20!

  3. *15 years (he's 33 years old)

  4. Personally I doubt we will ever see it officially released. Like someone said - it will probably stay in the HBO vaults with the unaired pilot of GoT.

  5. Maybe someone from his pr team. Like the one who he went to the stranger things experience and parts of the Brazil trip with?

  6. Possibly! Although not sure if actors' PR people are sat next to them during the awards? In Brazil he was with his manager Lindsay Simon at the football game.

  7. Ohh that's what their called, manager? Not p r. Okay, got it. The whole business lingo is complicated.

  8. No, you're actually right, it's kind of one and the same, I think. Jamie called her his manager in an interview, but she's a "senior PR manager" at the Oriel Company, which is a PR company. So yeah, all very complicated lol.

  9. Source: set photographer

  10. I wouldn't expect any nobel prize literature and I think it has some narrative stereotypes and problems, but I think it's a fun enough read. And I'm not exactly the target age group anymore either. Do you like fantasy books in general? Then I think you will probably enjoy the world of it already a bit. The book series has all the usual suspects (vampires, werewolves, fair folk, warlocks...), but I think the vibe is a bit different than other YA fantasy I've encountered so far. The demons add a bit of a grisly touch, which I think was nice.

  11. Finally, Chrissy can take her revenge! (I'm joking, of course. If you go there, be nice to Grace, she seems to have had some weird interactions with ST fandom.)

  12. I really hope we get to see some interactions between Jamie and members of the cast we have not yet seen him with (well... outside of him murdering Chrissy lol)!

  13. Jamie at Fan Expo Canada:

  14. I don't know the exact date, the fan's caption said "it's been a month since".

  15. super glad I was able to snag a holy matricide shirt!

  16. Yay! It was my favourite design!

  17. I wanted to get a shirt, but I can't stand the feeling of Gildan tees. They're so stiff!

  18. Oh no! I can't tell the difference between t-shirt fabrics, but hopefully he'll have other options too at some point.

  19. Amsterdam and The Menu - it will be an Anya Taylor-Joy month and I'm here for it.

  20. You can pre-order the Autumn/Fall 2022 issue with his interview

  21. Florida Kilos for some reason. I didn't connect to it, I guess it felt too hm.. "lightweight" maybe. Absolutely loved it later on.

  22. Rolling Stone writing about Jamie's new single... whoa. 👏 👏 I don't think they ever wrote about him or Counterfeit before.

  23. Probably "I'm an omen, I'm a showman, I'm the holy lord."

  24. Always thought he was hot. Aidan Gillen is attractive and Littlefinger is highly intelligent and morally corrupt, so.. I guess my type. At least in fictional characters.

  25. Not the same as an old Counterfeit shirt, but if you're interested in Jamie's solo merch, then you could also get a shirt or longsleeve when he drops his new capsule for I Am tomorrow!

  26. It's the flap, remember? Also, over share Jamie told us he or may not have wore a thong :3

  27. And that he managed to not injure himself with the Vecna hand as we're all glad to hear lol.

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