1. What actually is that logo on the front? There’s a similar design on the o2 merch but I just assumed it was Utopia related

  2. I wish. That would be the watch I never took off. Amazing how his influence runs so deep.

  3. Off white sell official straps for the Apple Watch if you wanted to know!

  4. yeah and you only need like 60 million dollars, these multi billionaires really just hoarding the money but we don’t gotta get in to it here

  5. Does Trav actually own his jet tho? I mean with Kylie’s money he could but I doubt it before (not hating, just saying facts). The jets he flys in are more than his suggested net worth for example😂

  6. I think the net worth is wrong because Travis went on a huge run in astroworld era. He got a deal with Jordan, McDonald’s, Fortnite, Cacti and PlayStation. Then you add album sales, concerts and merch. He rich enough to have a jet. We don’t even know what kind of investments he has under the table.

  7. After 3 days you honestly don’t think about food anymore. It’s often now that I forget I have to eat in a whole day. It’s awesome .

  8. I agree, once you’ve been doing it for a few days you start to forget about the food or at least the cravings, like I still think about it if I see it but I don’t feel like I want it!

  9. Is anyone allowed to visit?

  10. Yeah basically if you can't afford to wreck it dont buy it

  11. I’m pretty sure anyone buying a Pagani could afford one 10x over haha

  12. You never know. I've known/known of several folks throughout my life who got some money and spent all of it on a fancy car. Like a lotto win, or a guy in college who sold WoW gold and spent it all on a used Lamborghini. Lived in a shithole 800sqft apartment with a Lamborghini parked amongst a but of college kids cars. Granted these were all more "normal" sports cars in the few-hundred thousand range at most. $15MM is a bit of a different story!

  13. I somewhat agree with you as I’d probably do the same as a Lamborghini Huracan is my dream car, not even for the price tag I just love the car!

  14. About $1600 on just watercooling stuff, all EKWB except tubes (satin alphacool) and heatkiller Reservoir.

  15. This is insane, I could definitely see this becoming a trend.

  16. Just get some thin black 3M tape

  17. Why do you not have it against the wall??

  18. I have never seen this before :O are they all of the same kind of account? Or are they very much different each time?

  19. Another one just liked it, they all seem to be American artists

  20. Casually got 2 of my cars worth on his wrist like nothing

  21. He was wearing this during his London show

  22. 50 seems a little high, what's your ambient?

  23. High?😂 they were 55° ambient air cooled before.

  24. Much like your temps "what's your ambient" was a joke. I don't believe that at all, dunno why ppl feel to lie about temps. Guess it's a number like horsepower to boast over. 33° ambient is totally believable, capping at 50° for both under constant load is where I call bs.

  25. What😂 I’ll literally post a video, I have a 3080ti, 3700x, 3x 360mm radiators and 9 fans

  26. I’ve had two of these cases and I’ll admit as well the white one I did struggle to line up

  27. Bro somebody just make a King Von sub this shit getting outta hand

  28. Anyone complaining, it’s literally on bags so you can just raise the ride height to normal and just air it out when you’re parked up

  29. this is the best subreddit😭😭

  30. I think even evo is not enough. If I check rigtj evo only gives me few mm more and I dont how is the space behid. Could be more or less.

  31. If you get an Evo you can get the lain li Evo vertical brackets which lets you mount it a lot higher compared to others

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