1. I have naturally low BP and I tried to make parnate work for almost a year, and despite taking other drugs to increase BP (Ritalin, midodrine, salt), nothing worked and I had to stop. You really have no way of knowing until you try it, just go slow and see how your body responds.

  2. If I have had enough symptom relief to add in exercise and gradually increase it, I always get a consistent positive effect. That being said, it needs to be high intensity aerobic efforts (running was my usual), and needs to be consistent for 5-6 days a week to really have a sustained change.

  3. How are you making 145K as a nurse? Nurses make 37-45$ an hour in Ontario

  4. Overtime, double time from call ins, if part time: percentage of pay in lieu of benefits & vacation, shift premiums, stat holidays. Many nurses make over 100k, not that it’s easy or stress free.

  5. I’ve been on 10-20 mg the entire time, and even though my acne was more mild-moderate (more moderate on my back - female), I purged really badly on my jawline/cheeks. Worse acne than I ever had naturally. Stick with it. I haven’t had acne in months, my skin has never been better, and the few pigmented areas from pretty significant purging are fading.

  6. Many people develop leukaemia every year, and a small proportion of those have previously taken accutane. Does that imply causation? Absolutely not. If accutane caused cancer, we’d know by now given decades of use for various medical indications. It’s like them blaming leukaemia on a single x-ray they had in their life previously. They would have developed it regardless and everyone is just always looking to place external blame than just accept that this is what their body did.

  7. Those are probably borderline of too high of expectations to maintain, especially with more chronic courses of anxiety/depression.

  8. The hypotension got mildly better for me in 2-3 months but never fully went away, had to stop parnate in order to exercise safely again. Wonderful drug otherwise, but some people seem particularly sensitive to the BP side of things.

  9. No, parnate tends to have less problematic side effects than nardil and I didn’t want the increased sedation or other effects in addition to hypotension. I needed medication to keep my BP up and there wasn’t a good reason to believe another would have been significantly better to where I wouldn’t need additional meds.

  10. Low dose of vyvanse works pretty well for me, not alone but in combination with an SSRI to mitigate some of the sedation and low motivation. Much prefer it to methylphenidate based stimulants.

  11. Pretty common with prozac. Half life is so long, it’s often taken in alternate days both at the start and even later on when people are stable on a dose but cutting back. Very good for people who forget to take pills too because it doesn’t have withdrawals immediately on missing a pill like others do.

  12. I mean… 30F for 15 minutes is very easily a quick drive home from the pharmacy with the medication in your car before it’s warmed up and you walk from your car into the house with it.

  13. Bloodwork is generally overdone for accutane. I do think it’s a bit relaxed to not do it at all except for at the beginning (because side effects don’t necessarily mean your liver enzymes are impacted and if they are elevated, many people have no symptoms of such).

  14. Mine is in capsule form so I can’t start lower. Maybe then I wouldn’t keep chickening out

  15. Do you know if there’s any proper way to taper off? My doctor is on maternity leave for the next few months and her temp replacement isn’t calling me back 😭

  16. Withdrawal isn’t anything to worry about after one week of 10 mg of prozac.. it’s the lowest dose available and the half life of the metabolites are 4-5 weeks. Low dose prozac is commonly used to taper people off drugs with short half lives like Paxil.

  17. Prozac can sometimes be too stimulating for some people, and sometimes that does not help anxiety or agitation. It doesn’t work for everyone, the same as any other med. It is highly effective for anxiety in many people.

  18. I have both depression and orthopaedic problems and accutane has been the greatest thing I’ve ever taken. Regret not doing it years earlier.

  19. Definitely possible. Easy? No, but some years are easier than others to establish yourself and your career. I’m a nurse and while the stress of work can negatively impact me, the overall benefit of leaving my house and knowing I’m skilled at my job balances out some of the downsides. It also allows me to work flexible shifts, nights usually is better for my mood, and have days off for treatment or therapy. It’s also a job where I don’t have to take paperwork or things home to do. And when all else fails, I take a leave of absence to rest and regroup.

  20. Switched from parnate to prozac, which I’ve taken before. Parnate was great but I couldn’t control the hypotension well enough to exercise which is a big priority for me and also helps maintain recovery from depression. SSRIs work better for anxiety for me, which parnate worsened, but won’t hesitate to do a washout and go back on an MAOI if my mood ever warrants it again.

  21. Just throwing my two cents in here. I am EXTREMELy sensitive to dose changes for any medication. I started with 25mg of Pristiq and had intense brain fog for months before it went away. I recently went to 50 mg of Pristiq and I had to stop after 2 weeks bc my vision was blurry and I wasn’t thinking straight at all. I’m currently trying to get on a new medication and I’m not sure which one just yet. Was thinking lexapro or maybe going back to Prozac since I was on that one years ago and it worked really well. I wish you luck in your search for happiness :)

  22. Prozac has a liquid formulation you can use to titrate very slowly as tolerated, rather than doing the full 10 mg jumps between doses. Something OP could consider too is finding those that are more individualized/titratable.

  23. There’s literally no difference aside from one pill vs two

  24. Some people have that afternoon crash consistently and it doesn’t go away. Not saying that will be the case with you, but just know the drug is worth taking to see if it works and then adjusting/figuring out ways to cope with the afternoon crash if the drug works well in general. It never got better for me on 10 mg but the med was well worth it overall.

  25. Prozac and it’s metabolites have an insanely long half-life, it’s highly unlikely you’ll notice anything from three days but like the other poster said, the pills probably aren’t that dirty unless they were damp or something

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