1. Wiggle send me little packs with most of my orders, can’t get cheaper than that! 🙂

  2. Wow! Thank you. I hadn't tried it this morning. Must have still had the app open last night. Cured "magically" overnight! ( or be closing the app...)

  3. Have you ever been able to update the shifter wirelessly?

  4. I haven’t tried - I’ve only had it two weeks. I’ll have to find out what an “electric wire” is, to see if it seems worth it.

  5. A tip: anything at all sent by the UK Government is very very unlikely to have .com at the end

  6. It’s also unlikely to have a url like royalmail.dodgyscammers.com, but a lot of people (fx: casts withering look at my not-stupid friend) don’t look past the first dot in the domain name.

  7. I've a friend, who isn't stupid, who's tapped on more than one dodgy link like this ("Royal Mail problem delivering your parcel" type things)

  8. Are you sure you won't stay in contact with them?

  9. If you want the badge for the whole set, I suggest you also find a greasy roundabout with diesel spills; wet leaves; wet manhole covers; wet mastic repair strips 🙂

  10. Depends on what you define as cold. Where I am people think it's cold once it gets under 12c

  11. Yeah I think it's cold when it gets down to 12°C in autumn, then I think it's warm when it gets up to 12°C in spring 🙂

  12. EDIT: typos Out of curiosity, are you referring to temps in Celsius or Fahrenheit?

  13. Conventionally the "C" in "12°C" refers to Celsius.

  14. As a former shop rat, I can confirm. No six pack needed for me. Especially if it's a young person honestly asking to learn something.

  15. Curious, why does the age of the person who's honestly asking to learn matter to you?

  16. Small, light, cheap, secure lock

  17. Wow that must be some very flat terrain, I use my full gear range (2x11) on every single ride and I still wish I had more gears both on the low end, and high end, and in the middle.

  18. Yesterday's ride was 36km and 280m elevation gain, no idea whether that counts as "very flat" or not, but there's definitely nothing steep enough around here for bottom gear, and not much I can use top gear for more than a few seconds.

  19. Whoa I have a six month old di2 and didn’t realize you can look at your data like this… where do I do this?

  20. The rounded end of a paperclip works for me.

  21. Thanks! My OCD is still not happy with legend titles but there was no quick way to edit them.

  22. I hadn't seen 'seaborn', thanks I'll check it out ... I just 'matplotlib' things.

  23. More friction == more exercise

  24. The faq on our local bike club web site advises that for group rides you should be able to average 15mph "for an hour or two", so you're pretty close to that - especially because riding in a group is faster/easier than solo.

  25. It'll probably be just the first point of the track on "Null Island": you can crop the track in the Strava app or web page (use the ➡️ or ">" button on the pair of buttons for adjusting the start point) to remove it.

  26. The government need to have a moment of self awareness and realise that they aren't fit for the job.

  27. I think we and they just have different ideas of what "the job" is.

  28. They made up a code word for vaccine to further fuel their victim complex.

  29. I saw yesterday that some unvaccinated refer to themselves as “pureblood” 😂

  30. I used to do that. Gets you fit as hell pretty quick. But miserable in the winter (or summer depending on your latitude of choice). I think the poster above is probably right.

  31. I’m at 52°N, winter and summer are equally miserable!

  32. Tragic there were no tan wall tyres in stock that day

  33. Depends what you consider cheap, but I recently replaced my damaged stock DT Swiss R460 with a Shimano RS100, and I couldn't get a whole new bike for that price.

  34. Shimano 105/Ultegra wheels. Or their entry level RS100 alloy wheels. They're reliable from a trusted source. And they're very affordable.

  35. I did this recently - replaced the damaged stock DT Swiss R460 with a Shimano RS100. Can't tell the difference (other than nice quiet freehub 🙂)

  36. Owners Manuals and associated paperwork contain a whole host of conditions under which it is unsafe to use their products. They are essentially ‘get out of a claim’ clauses and contain every hazard known to mankind and many that the risk assessors have added just in case.

  37. And yet it doesn’t say “do not eat the bicycle” Hmmm, I wonder.

  38. It’s an Orro, currently taking its chances next to the freezer in my garage.

  39. What are your move and exercise goals set to? Interesting you often closed your move ring when your exercise ring didn’t get past a quarter.

  40. How about cycling in the Netherlands, we have dedicated roads for cyclists

  41. Routing through the Netherlands does make some commutes impractical.

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