1. Not bad at all, man. Not bad at all. I enjoyed your aggression!

  2. Oh about the faster attacks maybe im wrong i just returned to this game after renovating my subscription and playing this game again and it felt like both i and khotun were faster

  3. Oh no, no worries! Sorry, I might’ve come across as really argumentative 😅 I was very interested in your results. The one place I thought you were absolutely wrong was in the “faster attacks” part of your comment, but everything else adds an interesting level to the discussion!

  4. Nah, curses add to the difficulty. They don’t add secret buffs to your character lmao

  5. Moon Spin->dodge was fire. Great work, dude! Ignore the haters, they’re just jealous

  6. Can you get a Moon Stance Masamune’s Edge??? I thought that was a Wind stance katana.

  7. You can add a Moon Stance perk. Since 2.18, legendary katanas automatically have masteries applied to any stances they unlock.

  8. The fact that this will be downvoted while mediocre duels will be upvoted is just sad. I’m sorry, man.

  9. It was being downvoted at the time I commented 🙄🙄🙄

  10. Yesterday I was told to run wind stance so my dirt throw turns into AoE

  11. Only if you know the stone difficulty wind master cancel… you’re not high brow enough for that unfortunately.

  12. Mmmm… bit too many starting wind heavies for my taste… but still way better than a lot of other duels you see on here. Try using stone more in your stance switches, though. The stab is great at passing through his guard and dealing easy damage.

  13. I was mostly joking. I realise i shouldve put a /j behind te title. I apologise

  14. Oh I don’t think the commenter above was saying this to disparage you at all, OP. It may have come across in an unintended way, but I believe he’s trying to say that you putting the difficulty on Story is in no way an issue, and that those difficulties are there for a reason!

  15. id also like to know if that blood that just continuously falls of Jin is a bug from me having charm of carnage and dying too much or just the effect of the curse of frailty

  16. It’s ink from the curse of frailty. Hope that helps!

  17. Nice. Not half bad, man. Loving the aspect ratio!

  18. Bro you’re just talking out of your ass at this point lmao. The dash attack cancel was never even touched, it still works the way it always has. SP has never tuned a single animation cancel in this game.

  19. For a second I thought you were telling me I was chatting shit 🤣

  20. Yea there are other things in this that are unbalanced for sure. Spirit kunai being one of them. Although I do love it I think maybe a 5 second reduction would be a better balance.

  21. MMC would be way harder to fix. Fixing MMC would require a complete reworking of the melee combat system. This is because it comes from the game’s concepts of dodging, preparing dodges, feinting, and cancelling attacks.

  22. To be clear for anyone who reads this, there have been no changes to his build from the last post as of yet. This appears to be the same one he posted last time, but now we can see his techniques. I will make more suggestions now that I can see more of the build!

  23. As said before, I would advise switching the Master’s Katana for Masamune’s Edge. Melee resolve gain isn’t very useful, so I would suggest switching it out for melee damage, which will give you additional damage for both regular melee and your ultimate to a lesser extent.

  24. Would you mind letting me know what to improve? Ive been wanting to try some different things i just dont know where to start

  25. Sure! Seeing as this appears to be a melee build, using Masamune’s Edge will help to improve your dps right off of the bat. As legendary katanas automatically get the “master” version of unlocked stances with perks, you can choose a preferred stance (water for surging strikes, stone for stone master combos, moon for mmc) and have an extra perk slot open for way of the flame, which will allow you to more easily break through the guard of those pesky enemies you’re not stance attuned to/deal more dps. Alternatively, scrap the way of the flame and instead put on a second stance of your choice.

  26. I appreciate the sword and charm advice but for the ghost weapons i specifically have those to get big guys off my ass long enough to run and heal somewhere as i dont healing ghost weapons getting away from the fight is the best way for me to not get shit on also keep an eye for my next post today i will be posting exactly what i use to get exact detail

  27. Blessed strikes on your Samurai charm will give you good healing though! You can heal a lot of health with every melee strike you do when you use that perk.

  28. Ooh, do love to see people figuring out attack chain combos. Dodge strike into sprint strike/vice versa is one I need to use more often it would seem, looks very artistic.

  29. Not bad. Decently aggressive too! Not as easy with the Eagle.

  30. https://youtu.be/aJ3LWpS6n_A

  31. Not bad. Could have used some stance switching though 😉

  32. Good on ya for using rising tempo. I always wanted to try it bc it seems like it’d be nasty if you’re good enough to not get hit.

  33. I use it w my melee build. It can make an unbelievable difference-just gotta get used to using it.

  34. He wouldn’t be caught dead here. Atachi on the other hand… :panda_sip:

  35. Nice feint with the wind heavy at the end! Great duel, man. Still waiting on your level 1 stuff though 🤨

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