1. She’s strong and she’ll protect her friends from harm! I love both of them <3

  2. lmaoooo bro really jumped hahaha. he probably wanted resolve but he ended up killing him.

  3. think he wanted to do the ult short cut to get over the other side quicker

  4. Lol seriously! OP asked what it was, not what the politics of the use of it are. I’ll make some popcorn and we can sit back and watch this beaten and old discussion get beaten again.

  5. Yeah me and my friends were discussing about the same yesterday. Chill please

  6. Thanks! I never actually noticed they looked like kebab skewers hahaha

  7. Congratulations! I bet you guys were full of adrenaline haha

  8. Cowabunga it is. Rush the tengu immediately and kill at least one

  9. Oh hi Dracios! I played with you today in nms. I was the ronin lol

  10. Ah gg! I hope it was one of the ones we won because there were some wipes.

  11. I thought it was just a period of time where you got the attire as a reward..? Maybe I’m wrong

  12. I found this place behind the monkey mountain. It had a campfire you could lit, bear tracks, dead fish and a chopped off foot. It looks like a bear attack, but I have seen no bears on Iki. The tracks come from the sea and return back to it.

  13. Scary, didn’t even notice this! May the fisherman rest in peace..

  14. I was already feeling the urge to vomit thinking about this combination and then read a comment saying “tuna milk” is someone’s favorite lunch.

  15. Only finished season 1 so far, so seeing Nancy and Jonathan hunting the demogorgon, Nancy with the revolver and Jonathan with the baseball bat made me think of the Hunter and Samurai for them.

  16. I watched ST in the past few weeks!! What characters would you think would fit the ghosts?

  17. I understand it can be frustrating to play with these players.. sometimes new players enter nms without knowing how it actually works, therefore causing chaos lol. It could be that they don’t speak english and that’s why they couldn’t understand you when you spoke on the mic, or they were just ignoring you. I hope that next time you play you can have a fun experience!

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