1. i mean he (the character) just died yesterday in a lore stream so i wonder how they feel about that

  2. i dont think that defenition is correct. gender is actsully influenced by autism but not due to sensory needs or hyperfixation or anything, its due to just the way the brain works. yknow?

  3. well wilbur just ended his arc so i wonder if thats changed anything

  4. bench trio but tommy has… blue hair? or is that smajor? im confused

  5. the exile one dude, why would ur tommy fictive have pronouns about trauma he actively tries to forget???

  6. personally, the boys hate my autism, in fact they whisper about me in class. hmmm

  7. i mean the last one is an autistic trait due to sensory differences, i guess i can understand the first two. as long as its not self diagnosis, right?

  8. whys revivebur in the back bruhh he ended his arc recently too, wonder if the alters gone now?

  9. I wonder how the YouTubers would feel if they saw this

  10. u can tell theyre a dsmp fan by the ygcma and minecraft. that’s unfortunate:(

  11. thinking my period started but its just the vaginas automatic cleaning function

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