I'm a trans woman, is this a terf sub or a feminist sub?

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follow up on my red bumpy avocado.

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  1. Why does she cheat/cleavage area look so dirty? Is it make up? Is it the filter?

  2. Really? Oof I thought it was like maybe blackheads and a bad filter or something! Use sunscreen and stay out of the sun for skin health!

  3. This season has been on the downhill, filled with plots that don't go anywhere and jokes with no real punchline but this is the worst episode by far.

  4. Mack’s dance and Frank’s “I get it now” would like a word with tou

  5. Wow he’s amazingly talented at painting a picture with words. Based on this interview I’d love to see him write eventually!

  6. In my opinion, all one-person-at-a-time bathrooms are gender neutral regardless of how they're labeled. I'm not going to stand around and wait for the officially labeled women's toilet when there is a perfectly good toilet with lockable door available in the next room over.

  7. Yup. I did this in a National park a few weeks ago. A huge line for the “women” bathroom no one for the “men” so I walked in locked the door peed, and walked out. Now keep in mind there’s no sink here, and not even a flushing toilet, and as I’m walking out some guy says to me “excuse miss that was the men’s room” 🙄 I said “a hole in the ground is a hole in the ground” and kept walking but what?!

  8. Folks, if you have a hard time with this dumbassery just remember that there are people in 2022 who believe that Native Americans no longer exist.

  9. There are currently people out there who think that Native Americans no longer exist in the human population. They think that they were all killed or died after the Euro-Christian colonizers settled in the present-day US. I’ve encountered people who actually believe this in-person.

  10. Oooh I didn't even think of this

  11. She also strikes me as someone who LONGS to be the victim and be persecuted so I wouldn’t be shocked if knowing she will struggle to find daycare and schooling subconsciously played into her choice not to vaccinate.

  12. her & Rachel need to get off the cross cuz we need the wood

  13. This is a dumb question, but did Leah add a filter here? Her skin and eye makeup look… generated? Or something. I can’t really put my finger on it but this photo looks edited

  14. I don’t see any “eye makeup” but maybe she just has really good skin because she’s a kid lol. She hasn’t gone through puberty and gotten pimples and scars from picking the pimples yet lol

  15. Yeah i guess makeup is the wrong word? It almost looks like there’s a filter of “eye liner” on her top lid but in a spot that seems like a filter not like it’s there and the photo just has the “blurry” Skin look of a filter? It reminds me of those weird grayish photos Mack Edwards was always posting. I can’t quite put my finger on it that’s why I’m asking. Maybe it’s just my Covid brain fog 🤣

  16. This racist using a black woman’s music to sell her vacant eyed not even nude selfies is just a VIBE and not one I like

  17. And she thinks it’s totally ok/cool, that’s the most disturbing part.

  18. Well she also doesn’t think she’s racist because her husband is 1% black 🤣

  19. Actually, if the person is on HRT they may experience period symptoms. Cramps, PMS, bloating, etc have all been documented in folks on HRT.

  20. Haha I love your edit because even though I know you mean “source” for interested parties it says “sauce” and I literally thought you were selling a period sauce and I was SO INTRIGUED 🤣🤣🤣

  21. Oh my gosh I just can’t lurk anymore without an answer.. what is a TERF? No hate, honest question. Please?

  22. Also watch out, because they often do this thing where they co-opt the language of feminism and progressive values to try to cloak their bigotry as being “pro woman” instead of just admitting what’s going on!

  23. I literally never thought I’d see Rachel in a fight without any context and be team Rachel but here we are! Usually I find Rachel denser than a black hole but Madison is an insufferable know it all who is almost always wrong 🤣

  24. Oh my god she’s so cute, she’s really hamming it up for the camera too. It’s really nice to see the kids like this- just able to be silly and be a kid and not being exploited

  25. I love when people say fuck the current trends and fashion rules and wear what they love. It took me until my 30s to embrace that for myself and I’m thrilled I did.

  26. Yea I buy the theory that Kris egged them into hanging out with her in a misguided attempt to be her manager or get them closer to Justin. Also, both sisters should have stopped the plastic surgery and filler here they both look good

  27. With the kardashians the answer is always threefold: photo editing, shapewear/padding/corsets, and surgery! Repeat

  28. I can’t imagine having my children around someone spiraling his badly. I sense custody filings from their respective exes for both MGK and Megan Fox

  29. Yep! Understandably people forget Angie didn’t call the FBI and CPS, the crew did.

  30. This is so so so so sad. That the crew called the authorities this time. She filed for divorce 4 days later. Who knows what would have happened if it didn't happen on a plane.

  31. My totally wild speculation opinion is that she may have filed either way, based on how fiercely she has protected their kids since it seems to me like it’s possible this was the first time she realized how much the behavior was affecting their kids and was a wake up call for her. 4 days is an awfully fast turn around time between meeting with an attorney and having the filing processed by the court so it’s also possible she had actually already met with the lawyer and maybe even started the process before the incident

  32. I'd like to know how her attitude was both rude and elegant

  33. And in those three years her parents have done nothing but model horrible relationships for her. I hope while she’s still young enough they go their separate ways, coparent, and enter into healthy happy relationships.

  34. I also forgot to include that I put on a lipliner as well! Ties it all together

  35. Yessss try it!! I find that it gives my lips shape and a slight nude undertone

  36. Women get sexually harassed a lot, brushing it off is sometimes the best way to deal with it. If she gets rid of him as a friend, she'll still see him as part of the friend group. That's assuming they still let her around the group as a whole, if he's normally a "nice guy" then most people will tell her to brush off the comment and her doing any more represents her rocking the boat. She probably has to make the same decision at workplaces and in public too. Every woman has a different threshold for when sexual harassment becomes too much and it becomes worthwhile to risk losing friends or losing a job in order to address the harasser. Below that threshold? Many of us just suck it up and move on.

  37. Yea I suspect the Venn diagram of the men who are saying she should message him and end the friendship over this comment and the men who would never end a friendship with their guy friends who comment similar thing on women’s pages is a circle. It seems like men only care about women being creeped on online when the woman is their girlfriend and the guy is someone they aren’t friends with, it’s almost like it’s about marking the woman as “theirs” and not actually what’s comfortable for women.

  38. Definitely work with hatch as a kind under the radar number 2, and my name is end of the alphabet so I’d just lean into dr. Sean’s alphabet strategy and win. Maybe convince Greg actively working for someone else to win (me) is just excellent tv chaos! 🤣 j/k who knows

  39. I like Cate. I just wish she had waited until she had healed from her traumatic past and had her life a little more in order before having more kids. It’s hard to see that she knew her life was too toxic to parent Carly and then had more kids in a less toxic but still toxic environment. I don’t think that’s super uncommon or the worst thing a human can do or makes her deserve the hate she gets I just also don’t think she “broke the cycle” and is an amazing parent.

  40. I don’t know I think it would also depend on how things ended up between him and his son. That got messy for a while there.

  41. This avocado gives me the same creeped out feeling as lotus pods. Thank you for the follow up it was haunting me.

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