LPT: For hosts of parties serving people that are too drunk and you’d like them to slow down without the fuss, make their drink without alcohol, put the straw in and pour whatever alcohol is supposed to be in the drink down the straw, so the first sip tastes strong but it’ll be virtually virgin.

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  1. That could actually be really funny if you pretended to be a dysfunctional couple in front of the councilor. Never break character the whole time then laugh about it afterwards.

  2. Remember always "yes and" when improving.

  3. It is the top 6 answers and who all of us came here to say

  4. Such and easy fix would be self-damage when shooting teammates. Why it would be otherwise is beyond me

  5. Cause that's SUPER easy to troll people with.

  6. Jumping in front of someone else's bullet is easier than shooting them?

  7. So drink the alcohol, sound the straw, and "spit" the alcohol through the straw into the drink. It's called being a responsible host.

  8. It's called twice distilled you uncultured fuck. So bottoms up or get the fuck out of whoever's house this is

  9. Hahaha, I mean there's so many people they could have said that weren't assassinated

  10. The player cracked it real quick, but would their PC have done so? If they didn't have either the background or knowledge to do so I wouldn't have allowed it (ie a ranger while likely smarter than a barbarian is unlikely to have come across code anywhere near that complicated)

  11. Yeah I agree and that is difficult. We often dump int in classes that don't specialize in it but then want to come up with master combat strategies and maximize every turn like the Flash who has a century to think between every punch

  12. And put the visor down whenever you're done with a conversation

  13. *Look up if it is a food related event because not every event will serve a full meal or food in general

  14. Or in the example of my Italian grandmother, dinner will be 3hrs after we said dinner will be. So if you show up to dinner on an empty stomach, ya played yourself

  15. It's your world, DM. If you say albino dragons exist, they do. Especially if you're giving them terrain signals that this isn't your average Frost Dragon, this seems like a fun reveal, not a nasty trick. If everything in D&D was exactly as expected, it wouldn't be a story worth telling.

  16. Yes exactly, if they're prepping for an ice dragon while passing the scorched forest and entering the volcano lair, they should be curious at least

  17. The way things are going, F&F20 would have robots, aliens, and time travel.

  18. Guaranteed before F&F21, there's time travel

  19. Right, that’s what makes me hesitant to switch. Since tuition is so cheap at WGU, I’m really thinking this is one of the very rare instances where Montgomery might actually make me more money

  20. It appears to me that is the case. If you can go Montgomery, get your masters at WGU then keep talking classes until it's empty.

  21. I just love how it's the perfect blend of sexyness and elegance

  22. Goes right up to the line without crossing it, classy

  23. Cockroaches that try to eat your eyelids every time you close them

  24. I bet a majority of servers wouldnt want tips to go away as most probably make well over 20 or 30 ab hour or more if they are good.

  25. When it's busy, maybe. Blows when the manager schedules 3 servers for weekday afternoons and you share 10 groups between you all day

  26. This is the one type of glitching I'll say there actually is in the game, at least for certain maps

  27. Yes and No. We roll and that is the order people go in, but when it comes to your turn you can delay your turn. So if the cleric rolled a 22, they could delay their turn until after someone with a 19, or after a certain enemy, etc.

  28. For the roleplay to be that everyone takes their turn semi-simultaniously in a 6 second window, this makes sense to me.

  29. My tables usually run it like this. Main difference is that if you hold your turn, you're permanently put in that initiative count. So if you say, I'll wait until after the rogue, then you're stuck after the rogue for the rest of combat unless you hold turn again to go lower in initiative.

  30. I don't personally care for that. I think it makes sense you could hold an action briefly while your partner does something to set it up. But it's not like I could have done two things in that time frame.

  31. male here. suddenly no one gives a shit about me, i feel totally anonymous. no one makes any comments about me or double takes or smiles or anything. I’ll get a nod but that’s it.

  32. Nod up if you know them. Nod down if you don't.

  33. While I love the whole idea of the wounded soldier backstory, 6 Dex and 8 con will mean you would have been such a glass cannon in combat. - 2 to initiative and Dex saves, and - 1 health on a wizard is horrid. The best that character could have been is a lore monkey doing all the researching, investigating and other things.

  34. People play different ways. I like to play for the roleplay more than the win. Might make me trash in combat but those are the cards dealt. It's fun to do your best, even at a great disadvantage, to win despite the odds in being an old crippled veteran. And if I die in combat, that's just the end of that characters arc.

  35. P250 is your friend. All you should be using honestly as you should he pulling out a pistol as a backup.

  36. Why? It's got the worst damage of all the pistols. I'm just looking at the damage info from the discord now

  37. There's a damage cheat sheet avaliable on the Contractors

  38. So according to that, at 100m 1911, Deagle, and Magnum are OHK.

  39. Post this story & screen shot on Twitter. VRBO will most certainly respond.

  40. That's assault. And I'm talking about the wrestler.

  41. I dunno. In the recent revision book, it looks like they're getting rid of short rests and moving it to everything resets on a long rest. It's more streamlined, less confusing, and frankly makes the game a bit less easy. I'd like to see them be rid of short rests entirely.

  42. Get rid of short rests, because it's assumed I'm going to chill for 15 min every couple hours or walk at a slower pace to relax during a weeks long adventure but that doesn't mean I can run a marathon in the morning and again after a quick break.

  43. Player: you’re bluffing! I’m the hero!

  44. Ive seen plenty of FRAS but there are plenty of low profile carriers that are more concealed and comfortable. I trust ceramic plates more than flexible soft armors personally.

  45. That's valid. I don't have any experience aside from watching reviews. I love the idea but will really have to research the durability before buying

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