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  1. I wouldn't even SMILE. I was so angry reading this post on behalf of OP, I would just simply pretend they didn't exist.

  2. Absolutely what I’d do too. Completely ignore and cut her off.

  3. Yeah, I think they might. We’re OAD by choice, that’s always been the plan. Around 18 months the desire to have another came out of nowhere and really surprised me. I think it was all the changes with her quickly developing from infant to toddler, I felt overwhelmed and it was really bittersweet knowing (even though I didn’t love all aspects of the newborn phase) that was it and we’d never be doing any of it again. She’s a little over 2.5 now and we’re so happy we stuck to the plan. Things are really ramping up at this age, she’s a little sponge. We’re glad we can dedicate all our time to just her. From here I don’t think we’ll consider another again, we feel really content with our family of three.

  4. Our favorite Raya is an only too! And her dad is a single father!

  5. We have it and have used it since she transitioned into her own room. We love it. She’s 2.5 so it’s mainly a nightlight now. We use the feature to change colors at certain hours from red, “it’s time to go to sleep” and stay in bed. To green light “it’s time to wake up”. I read this on another thread when we we were transitioning from crib to bed and she gets it! It’s worked really well for us so far. All in all we’ve been using the hatch for over 2 years now and couldn’t recommend it enough

  6. I’m a fan of the repeating gucci logo print. I also like the logo tee. I find it to be subtle enough to not be tacky. Celine’s triomphe and Loewe’s logos are probably my favorite. Let’s be honest, logos are a flex. Instantly recognizable and for me elevates a look and how I feel when I pair a branded designer piece with basics and I wear a lot of basics.

  7. When I was pregnant my MIL brought up if we’d have anyone in the room with us. I said just my mother (who didn’t end up being able to come because of Covid restrictions). She said she would want to be there to witness the birth of her first grandchild as well. In my shock (I honestly don’t know why I didn’t expect it) I said “oh absolutely not! I can’t let you see all of me down there!” She replied “oh, don’t worry I’ve seen it all before!” And I just shut it down with “no, I’m not comfortable with that, I’m so sorry”. It was a very quick impulsive response from me that I felt immediately guilty about but bigger than that feeling of guilt…. was relief.

  8. My 4-year-old boy were full on screaming and crying in the middle of a nasal endoscopy and had to be held down by the doctor and me. My wife was trying to calm him down and asked if he wanted to buy a toy after this. I remembered thinking he wouldn't answer her with all this screaming. To my surprise, he screamed "YES" and immediately went back to crying. Me, holding back laughter, asked: "How many?" 4-year-old: "TWOOOO".

  9. Similar situation earlier this week, my 2.5 year old wanted some Halloween candy close to bedtime but I told her she had already had her candy for the day. Cue the tears and beginning wails, we were right at the cusp of a meltdown, when I asked her if she wanted a banana instead and she cried “YES! I WANT CANDY. NO BANANA. MAMA I WANT BANANA!! WAHHHHHH” she sat and held onto my leg and cried while eating her banana. When I tried to bend to sit down with her she yelled at me to “go away” but wouldn’t let go of my leg. I…. Ok.

  10. Girl, you’re gonna be broke and miserable if you stay with this guy. He’s 33. He’s never gonna change.

  11. My kids are 1 year 1 day apart. 9 mo prior is around my husbands birthday 🙈

  12. My parents birthdays are two weeks apart. I was born 9 months later and sometimes I wonder whose celebration did I come from?

  13. I’m not but I am. It’s so difficult to accept my new pp body. I gained so much during my pregnancy and it took over a year to lose it all. My stomach has loose skin and a little pooch over my c section scar. I’m scared of surgery but I’ve read reviews on mommy makeovers and a overwhelming majority of women are happy they got it done but I can’t bring myself to truly consider doing it. Here to read everyone’s experiences and opinions on it along with OP!

  14. My first last was when my baby starting sitting up and I realized she wouldn’t be laying in my arms anymore. I was weaning off bf and we’re one and done too so it hit hard knowing that was it and that part of infancy was over forever.

  15. We’ve been celebrating Halloween for the last 5 weeks

  16. Ok so I had this fun idea for Halloween costumes for my family this year. Has anyone seen everything, everywhere all at once? Me and my husband would be Evelyn and her husband wearing the outfits they are mostly in throughout the movie (her: button down and red vest. him: green polo and fanny pack. Both with headsets) and our toddler daughter would be Joy but the Jobu version in all white with the bagel hair.

  17. Many of my friends are not racist but if they hear someone make a racist comment they will stay silent. I will always speak up to the point of being embarassing. I’m not silently non racist I will speak our and stand up is what I mean

  18. You’re awesome. “If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor” -Desmond Tutu

  19. I often get annoyed when people speak in absolutes. “You’re definitely gonna regret it”. Am I Karen? Do you know my wants, wishes, goals and dreams? Keep your definitely’s to yourself.

  20. Sassy little demon was my pony’s nickname growing up.

  21. The person they are before you marry them is the person they’ll be after. Don’t believe marriage makes a person change or “grow up”.

  22. Whenever I have to cut a few of these, I cut the tag fasteners off, pull off the long size sticker usually on some of the clothes and pull up all the plastic pieces with the adhesive side.

  23. I’m about to place a stylevana order because I want to try the Beauty by Joseon relief sunscreen and it’s on sale. I also need a hydrating lip balm, any recommendations?

  24. I thought it was Beverly/La Cienega. Made a post on it August of '21 when the Mobil was charging $5.89.

  25. I just went by a shell station at Olympic and La Cienega earlier today- $7.99 for premium

  26. Tell her. After cheating and the disrespect you’ve shown doing it in your shared home, don’t be a liar too. Respect her enough to tell her the truth

  27. My husband has a cool laser pointer and he, just last week, started helping me out and pointed it at the ceiling so I could rinse our son’s hair. Worked well.

  28. My husband flies her toy airplane above her head to get her to look up while I rinse. We’ll have to try the laser pointer when this stops working!

  29. I don’t know if this will work for you but I’ve had great luck using oxyclean on our countertops. My toddler left a green paint smudge on it once and it lifted it off. Turns out oxyclean works for more than just stains on clothes.

  30. My husband is leaving next week for a beautiful beach destination wedding and I'm staying home with our 2.5 year old. Everyone is like "whaaaaaat?! don't you want to go on vacation too??" ha. Last we tried, vacationing with a toddler is no vacation. Plus you couldn't pay me to take her on a 22 hour flight right now. Nope. No way.

  31. Before I had a kid I was a small bag person. I still carry them but my day to days are the medium Celine Cabas Phantom Tote in black and The Row Medium N/S Park Tote. I’ve had my Celine for 6+ years and though the inside is pretty destroyed with pen marks, snacks falling out (once I left an orange in it and went on vacation, it was moldy when I got back). The interior cleans up so well with a couple wipes and the outside is still pretty pristine, less a few scratches. I don’t overload it too much and the shape is still holding up. I highly recommend the Celine Phantom.

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