1. I've never been to Gideon's so I have no idea, but I can tell you the three flavors you chose are probably the three worst flavors you could've possibly chosen. If a heroin addict was offered white chocolate macadamia, triple chocolate or pistachio toffee flavored heroin, they would pass.

  2. This comment is outrageous I love it lmfao

  3. Especially anyone who wears socks w/ sandals. They need extra therapy.

  4. I need hella therapy and wear socks with sandals so this statement checks out.

  5. Oh gosh, I'm so so sorry...I know it's easier said then done, but try to take at least a tiny bit of comfort that Zues spent his too short life surrounded by love and comfort and that you fought for him to the very end....he knows that, I think they always know. I have literal anxiety attacks about bringing Panluek home or having one of my furry besties develop FIP.

  6. I miss his eyes and his little wink he did randomly so much. Thank you for that comment 🤍

  7. Thank you everyone for every kind word. I’m crying reading them all. I really miss him and I really feel guilty for how he passed it’s really eating me up inside. FIP really sucks just love your babies for me I’d do anything to kiss his head again🤍

  8. Would highly recommend joining FIP Warriors on Facebook. My kitten was diagnosed with dry FIP and was dying before my eyes. Heartbroken and skeptical, I began the GS injections almost immediately; she is now healthy and FIP-free for over two years.

  9. I’ve made a Facebook and was accepted into the group.. made a post and am waiting for a message from the admins. Thank you to everyone who commented here I’m hopeful this could give him a better chance

  10. If you're on Facebook, there's a group that has excellent resources for helping people access them. Don't remember the name, just search FIP it's a pretty big group.

  11. I just made a Facebook and requested to join i hope I have enough time to get the meds

  12. As a caregiver for the elderly I just wanna know why TF this hun thought cosmetics is what they and their families need/how she was gonna sell this at an event that has nothing to do with makeup… have you ever tried to get someone with progressing dementia to brush their teeth ms lady? I have and have ended up getting the toothpaste flung at me… like wow this just makes me mad

  13. As a Cincinnatian, WHY WOULD YOU COME HERE plz I hate dealing with the crowds as it is we do not need tourists thx

  14. I’m curious do you own a Dal or have you ever??

  15. Please explain “the party switch”. Google isn’t giving me a clear answer as to how parties decide to switch sides when it’s convenient.

  16. I mean if you Google it like you keep saying it literally comes up. The parties platforms switched after the end of the civil war but it wasn’t an instant 180. You just wanna talk shit you must be bored

  17. Thank you he was the handsomest though I may be biased 🤍🤍

  18. Amazing! What a beautiful looking boy. I’m sure you two gave each other an amazing life. I hope he’s resting easy in paradise.

  19. I’m so sorry about your girl🤍🤍it’s the worst part of loving them isn’t it… my tattoo artist actually did this for me she did one for my other baby I lost as well. Are you in the United States?? I can give you Instagram if you want.

  20. They’re from Columbus Ohio. I live in Cincinnati and we’re totally fine with our bread stock here.

  21. Who Dey fellow Cincinnatian! 🐯🧡🖤hope you’re staying warm

  22. My daughters goal is 125 boxes which if you do the math at 5 a box is 625 dollars and the website they’re using breaks down how much the girls get based off of your goal and out of that 625 my daughter is trying to get only 80 something goes to the troop?? It’s like 83 and some change. It goes to the girls but not much of it… my daughter has fun throughout the year so I keep her in but they don’t tell the truth them Girl Scouts

  23. I hope you have the best birthday. Yes make it a spa day and treat yourself. Get your fav food too and shit even buy yourself some flowers. It’s your golden birthday this year so you’ve gotta go big! Sending you much love and happiness 🤍

  24. Right there with you. To learn anything of value for life, I’ve had to either seriously fuck up and learn lessons with a lot of pain attached or I’ve had to go to DBT therapy to help me learn how to cope and react. It’s not fun and it’s difficult as hell. You’ve got this though friend I believe in you 🤍

  25. The first lady did it best. They’re all lazy, but she at least had one made instead of just shoving a powder packet in the camera with a weird face.

  26. First one made me do a double take at first I was like Sarah Palin is in a mlm? Lmfao

  27. Would be the least surprising information to learn.

  28. Lmfao no I know it’s definitely right up her alley tbh

  29. A dog is not something that you can just give up and take back when you please. That dog is your dog and as long as you feel comfortable raising that dog and loving on that dog he’s yours. She has no rights to the dog and can go to a shelter if she feels so inclined. Based off the fact that she’s just going to randomly ask for a dog that she has no rights to because her kids want one I feel like she doesn’t even need a dog in the first place. Keep the dog and tell her sorry not sorry.

  30. All I could think of was “slinging hash.” Which isn’t even the worst image that could have popped into my head, but probably is one of the more bizarre ones.

  31. No difference at all. And if she's pregnant why not full belly photo? Also all pregnancies are so different, some of the women are vomiting a lot like all pregnancy and just don't gain weight.

  32. Facts I gained 10 pounds my whole pregnancy but literally had to drop out of school and be hospitalized for dehydration bc of the damn throwing up all day every day it was miserable… this is not the flex she thinks it is

  33. I am going to see a huge castle and the castle is so awesome you can only get there by taking a ferryboat or a fancy monorail.

  34. Ugh enjoy!! We’re going to that same castle in 7 months 🤍

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