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  1. I'm most likely a Dark Winter. I went red and I never regretted it for a second. You do not have to listen to the comments telling you 'you're gorgeous as you are'. Sure you're gorgeous as you are, but you're allowed to want some variety!

  2. Unpopular opinion apparently, but I personally prefer without the color blocking. It almost makes me wonder if he could be DC

  3. Adding my vote to this. I don't care about this dude one way or the other, but I see the unbroken vertical making him look a lot more 'him'.

  4. Antiwar, Awake The Snake, Symphonatic Remix, and my favourite of all: Type 1.

  5. Wow I made no sense. I meant to say “what do you think she is? She’s a little hard to guess but probably a classic”

  6. I suspect D for Emily. She is sharp and long, I think vertical is her primary visual trait.

  7. DC, perhaps? She looks great in pics 3 and 4, and the ruffles and more SN styling of the brown dress look 'off' on her. I don't think the FG styling in a few of these pictures looks good on her either.

  8. Your second to last picture is 100% the exact hair texture I had when I was routinely blow drying with a round brush. That was when I was in denial about my 2b-2c curls, lol. Definitely wavy!

  9. Tiny ones like the late 90s/early 00s are back in fashion! Oversized ones are great for SNs too.

  10. Definitely wavy - there's some great advice in these comments! But I think below mid back definitely qualifies as long hair, not medium length!

  11. Sorry to bother, but its been driving me nuts. Do you know who made the Brain Damage one? That was my fuckin jam years back, but that videos gone and I'm having trouble finding another.

  12. Came here to joyously point you in the direction of the track, but you found it already lol. It's a classic for a reason! The sample use is absolutely fantastic - I've heard nothing matching it since.

  13. Your vast majority is not my vast majority. Both usages exist; the latter has evolved from the former and, in my experience, is in wider use.

  14. Yep, from a trance head lol. It sure is not the EDM that enjoyers of EDM mean when they use the term.

  15. I honestly keep wondering if Billie is an SD. She seems lush and sharp to me.

  16. It’s very unlikely that he’s any type of dramatic. He’s also very short, 5’3”. SD is first and foremost a dramatic, so they’ll resemble a pure D more than anything else, with added softness on top, maybe in the flesh, maybe in the facial features.

  17. Hi Rita!! Cain here! I just found this reddit - you and cat videos are the only reason I'm on this site 😂

  18. Actually, I'm rethinking Alan Hunley - I think he may be left up. There's an intimidation to him and his style is much more 'the father' than 'the son'.

  19. I don't know what you're talking about, that sure is a shoulder cat!

  20. Looks DC to me - your jeans outfits are excellent, whole the ruffles look a little overwhelming on you.

  21. Off topic, but could you please share your hair routine? Your waves are so gorgeous!

  22. Thank you so much! Your hair texture looks super close to mine, and my hair gets weighed down by heavier products really easily, so I'm definitely going to try the products you recommended :D

  23. Ikr why do people on this sub always type everyone as FN 💀

  24. Larger sizes would be great, as long as the old-school pixelated look remained the same.

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