1. It’s now hit Chicago. Called 30 pharmacies today. None have it.

  2. Thank you for being an honest user.

  3. Dude... It completely does. Big companies who pay more for ads get better search returns.

  4. It’s an absolute joke to see people here defending the search engine lol. Are they working for google? Are they living in the same world we are?

  5. No one can give you a concrete answer on this. But let’s put it this way, when it’s all said and done and your hair is grown in, if the results aren’t optimal, you will be left wondering whether your actions during those crucial growth periods hindered those results. That’s not a risk I’m willing to take, personally.

  6. Without a question, yes, if you are approved and prescribed them from your doctor.

  7. Normally I would say BS but this happened to me and I stopped using it

  8. did your hair get better after stop using it? also how many days or week did it take to stop the hairloss?

  9. Let’s put it this way. I stopped using it (unintentionally) and noticed my hair was getting noticeably better after a ~few months or so. That was the only variable that changed in my routine

  10. Fin 100% stopped/slowed the greying for me.

  11. Hair fibers are gonna do you wonders (while the rest grows in)

  12. Ignore. I doubt you got a HT to do hair fibers.

  13. At 4 months when the full growth is not yet reached, it could be a good compromise if needing to go out on a bright sunny day.

  14. It’s difficult to tell, but likely yes. Check out my most recent post, I got 2K grafts. Could help for comparison.

  15. I appreciate it, I wanna nip my hair loss in the bud, my dad and his dad went bald. My mothers father died with a big grey Afro.

  16. It’s great you are recognizing it early. Hop on the meds, but understand that they mainly just prevent further loss. To fill in those temples, I could see you doing an FUE with ~1-2K grafts. PM me if you want to learn more. I actually just got a procedure done and my only regret is not doing it sooner because I assumed just because I was “on the meds” I was going to get my OG hairline back.

  17. Yeah I know the fin won’t restore my hairline, so I’m going to start saving up for a hair transplant. It’s perfect because it’ll buy me time to save up and to see if I’m part of the 1% who responds strongly to fin and it will restore everything. I just hope my MPB isn’t really aggressive and just nullifies finasteride in my body, that’s scary as hell to me.

  18. You’re thinking the right way. Do everything you can, while you can, and just plan for HT in due time. The more hair you can retain and save by using fin, min and nizoral, the more optimal your results will be come time for HT.

  19. When they say your hairline shapes your face, this is what they mean. Congrats

  20. Ask yourself what price you are willing to pay to keep your hair. How much is your hair worth to you? How much will it be worth in 5 years when you go from a NW 2 to a NW 4/5?

  21. Charlie Christian, is undoubtedly, the greatest guitarist, all things considered (he only lived to 25).

  22. Dr. William Yates in Chicago

  23. Why not fin as well? I think ~2K grafts for the front. I wouldn’t worry too much about the back of the head. The meds can do wonders for that.

  24. Nice. Start fin. Give yourself 8-12 months before getting an FUE procedure. In some cases, fin does wonders for people around your age. It could save you $15K (what the cost for an HT would be).

  25. I’m here for it lol. For as much hate he deserves, at least his intentions are pretty clear.

  26. So What - Grant Green. Insane walking bass. His melodic lines go perfect with it

  27. Maybe you're new here on earth, but humans have a habit of believing whatever they want to believe without needing any evidence at all.

  28. This is really good thinking. The “truth” didn’t matter to people long before AI, no reason to believe it will somehow matter now.

  29. Cleaning a cast iron while it’s nice and hot, and re-seasoning it

  30. The passive aggressiveness in public accounting is something that is not talked about enough.

  31. Couldn’t have worded it better.

  32. I don’t think there is any higher proportion of bald dudes at the gym compared to their percentage of the population. I think you are just staring too much at bald dudes

  33. Haha this is likely the correct answer

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