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  1. Since the only key you'd seem to miss would be the right shift (shorter), you should be able to make the set you linked compatible with this add-on (3rd image/otpion):

  2. Searching a bit around, here what I found:

  3. Any first diea about the price range? Thanks and good luck

  4. Currently planning to go for ~$150 each at 50 pieces, pricing might change as the prototyping goes

  5. Thanks. Filled in the form, we'll see how it goes.

  6. I got a black one. thank you :) How do you like yours?

  7. Scary for this last 1/65 preorder. That looks like such a big cash grab in perspective, Everybody I know got selected in the raffle and it seems they will get 1000 preorders on that round. Maybe there's something under all that... cashing out?

  8. keycultz were my dream board. anyone have any recommendations in high quality boards?

  9. Not Laneware, not a premium Wuque board (their Meletrix are good for the price though).

  10. Hey, nice set-up and nice pics. I also find the 2nd one really nice(r)!

  11. Hi, good to be motivated, I know some people who were like you and achieved it... but the path is long. If you don't know programming, it might take some time. Here's a path I would suggest:

  12. Come take a look at my Instagram if you're into keycaps - it's where I share my latest designs and creations! Link

  13. I'm not into artisans (at all) but those are the most tempting I've ever seen ^^ Congrats

  14. Thank you for taking the time to check out my work on Instagram, and for your kind words! I'm glad to hear that even as someone who isn't usually into artisans, you find my keycaps tempting. I appreciate your support!

  15. You're welcome. Hope this hard work will pay! ^^

  16. For those interested, I contacted a lawyer and under current laws it's not allowed to be freelancer (autonomo) and keep the Special Tax Regime (Beckham law) at the same time.

  17. Weird. According to the following article the *new* bekcham law (2023) allows it:

  18. Those caps don't look that bad. I was expecting caps from that place to look awful. Do you have the hex code you used for those alphas? It's really nice.

  19. How do you like the dial. I’m also on the fence with a dial vs using pg up/dn for volume

  20. For your information, if you program it in QMK, you can also use the dial to scroll, switch between desks, undo/redos, scroll inside a song, RGB up/down when present (on other keyboards supporting QMK), etc

  21. Oh wth, how did you get a red mammoth, did you do it yourself or had someone else do it for you?

  22. I was wondering the same. Funny nobody asked. I guess it's custom painted.

  23. Would fit right on with an Owlab Link65 with Lilac top and chroma bottom :)

  24. Nice combination! The set came out a bit more bluish than I thought but still love it!

  25. Light is a bit (too) strong on it but it's indeed (based on) JTK Night Sakura.

  26. Very nice set. Would fit a lot of boards :) GLWGB!

  27. Hmm, I know of the SPV-1. It's a 75% with a numpad on the left, but it has the space between numbers row and F row:

  28. indeed, it's a typo I guess, he said at the top (and it is) NK PBT Sand (cherry)

  29. I'd go for the new Gateron North Pole v2 if you rpefer not to lube. Overall great and consistent. I have the V1 and love them, but they're about 67g I think.

  30. but 1300 per month is 15,600 per year, which can be (depending on how much you earn) over 10% a year. This combined with a 20% tax rate, you still pay over 30% in total..

  31. I looked into it a lot and didnt find a really good way to benefit the NHR program as an active person (really interesting only if you live from crypto / rents / dividends / retirement).

  32. I am no expert but I doubt that’s true really. There is a relatively high rate for low income freelancers but it gets much better compared to other countries the more you make. Plus they are about (or have just passed new legislation for digital nomads). Also, a lot of expenses are deductible and it’s relatively easy to do all the paperwork online. Internet services are rather good in Spain. You could try Madrid or Malaga, both well connected and with low tax breaks.

  33. we don't have boba here but I'd gladly try taro boba :)

  34. Maybe a big rotary encoder daughterboard, "a la" Wuque Mammoth 75 :)

  35. The scroll wheel is a refreshing take on the knob.

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