1. I usually just lurk here but this hit me in the feels as I can relate SO MUCH.

  2. Social worker here. Report her ass. She won’t be practicing much longer.

  3. You were perfect. You acted calmly and respectfully. This is not your fault.

  4. The fact she thought denim might make the situation better cracks me up

  5. Not giving advice here. I think I need a xanax after reading that so, I feel for you.

  6. I made this same boundary with my JNMIL because I absolutely hate having to coordinate with her because she’s pushy and I just prefer to avoid any contact with her in general. That said, you know a monster-in-law can’t just fucking do what was asked, and I’ve had to say things like “I’m not sure what we’re doing that day, I’ll tell DH to call you when he’s off work” or “here, let me give the phone to DH” and that takes it off my plate for the most part.

  7. He’s most likely a paranoid schizophrenic. You can hear him talking about “they changed her, they changed my girlfriend personality”. It’s 100% the type of stuff a schizophrenic would say

  8. Most likely a schizophrenic? Dude quickly turned and walked away when she called him out like he KNEW he was being a fucking creep. Also the whole story that was on the news makes me think he just likes to harass women. But what do I know.

  9. People with schizophrenia still react to stuff, they’re just lead to do certain things like walk up to random women and tell them stuff like this because they have voices in their head telling them things. If you’re curious about what a schizophrenic episode feels like check out Schizoin’ through Life on YT.

  10. Fair enough, I appreciate the feedback.

  11. I think calling a whole culture problematic and abusive to animals is racist yeah, is this super confusing for you or something? Lol. You can obviously call out animal abuse without blaming a culture or race for it.

  12. Just came here to say “fuck the (insert race) they are all abusive to animals!” was never said so no idea where you pulled that from.

  13. I’ve been smoking weed for a long time but I basically just know how to pack a bowl or roll a joint lol so can someone tell me how this is used?

  14. I don’t think they’re freaking out over this lol.

  15. They're in full meltdown mode. I've been offered over 5K to sell my account. You have no idea what you're talking about.

  16. Not sure where people are getting the idea that the baby was just for the in-laws.... I'm pretty sure I said that I was the one who wanted to be a mother, them having their own grandkid was yes a motivating "factor" but in no way would the baby be a gift to them. My trepidation is that if we do this for myself and my husband will we be inviting in unwanted drama.

  17. You said a large motivation was to give them grandchildren. I think that’s where that’s coming from.

  18. How will my marriage survive if they don’t stay together?!

  19. A lot needs to happen before you should consider going any further with this man child. I know you love him, but that just isn’t enough sometimes.

  20. Thank you, this comment stood out. It’s a very hard pill to swallow.

  21. Girl don’t I know it. I’m not trying to be hard, give “tough love”, or sound preachy. I just remember being in my early 20s, thinking I found the one, ignored massive red flag and when I finally got out I thanks ALL THAT IT HOLY that I didn’t have children with him.

  22. I rarely express emotions while scrolling through Reddit but this I snorted at.

  23. You are not alone. Believe all of us when we say it truly does get better. Please send me a message if you’d like to unload. I won’t judge, I’ve been there myself. I remember calling my mom after I had my daughter and I asked her if I’d made a huge mistake. I regretted everything. Time changed that and now I can’t imagine my life without her. I know it’s so hard to see that from where you are, but I’d love to listen if you need it.

  24. “My wife will be dealing with you”

  25. Even for the price it was a waste of money lol

  26. Smoke dab or vape just a little something to activate it. It's super light and just distillate IIRC

  27. So if gummies usually work for me at 10 or 20mg, how much of these should I be taking? Just trying to lay off my lungs for a bit lol.

  28. Don't worry. That dungeon he's the master of is his mom's basement.

  29. I appreciate it but nah he’s cool. Everyone has bad moments (me included).

  30. Thank you for the kinds words. And besides even if I did DM out of my mom’s basement so what? She’s cool as hell.

  31. If you’re not in your moms basement I will actually be upset now.

  32. This book helped me too! It is dryyyyyyy and repetitive, but I think that’s part of what makes it work. It wouldn’t have worked if I hadn’t been in a place where I really did want to quit, but it was a great tool to give me the strength to reinforce what I already wanted to do. I was so fucking bored and tired of smoking, and this book just helped me fully flip the switch. After at least a dozen attempts to taper off, cut back, and even a few months on Chantix that didn’t stick, I was finally done, cold turkey. 8 years for me, not a single look back 🙌🏼

  33. Wow that’s awesome. So happy for you! I need your strength lol

  34. Unfortunately, I have never been able to apply it to any other area or bad habit of life 🤣 i guess as far as one-offs go, it was a good one.

  35. Don’t downplay it! You’re a badass. Thanks for the support!

  36. You can’t omit information you were not asked for. I never blamed OP. I simply believe that if she wants a boundary to be set, she needs to vocalize it. You can’t expect others to follow boundaries that you never explicitly put in place. MIL may know that OP is being very careful with Covid precautions, however, if she never stated that she expects all people her daughter comes in contact with (including family because we all know how Just No’s believe they are excluded..) she can’t be upset that they didn’t inform her. Obviously she has a right to feel however she feels but to expect people to just know what you want is not very realistic.

  37. Also you can omit information you weren’t asked for. If I have covid and go see family, even though they didn’t ask if I have covid, that would be omitting information. To omit is to leave something out I mean this is like the definition from google so idk what to tel you.

  38. What do you plan to do with it? If you decarb alot of material I'd think about investing in a decarber. It really makes life so much easier. Same with the infusion process if you do that

  39. Just eat it with honey or put it on some food to try it out. I’m not all that invested lol I just had a good amount of kief in my grinder and I wanted to try a different way to use it.

  40. I never got one of my own till recently but they do help. I make RSO,edibles,tincture,etc so it just makes process easier. I save up my kief too and will press into a kief puck or make BHO. It would probably be pretty good with honey.

  41. Oh nice! It was actually really good with the honey and I was able to sleep pretty well afterwards.

  42. I definitely agree. It’s just two highs for me. Sleepy weed and not as sleepy weed lol

  43. This is actually the most simple and best way I’ve seen someone describe it lol

  44. Was this rambling monologue hard to read? Yes. But that doesn't mean you quit on your damn self.

  45. Did I come to this comment section just to see if other people noticed it? Yes. Am I satisfied? Yes.

  46. Bribery, and I am not ashamed of it. Mine like to collect things. One was pennies, one stickers, one finger puppets, and one liked lil 25 cent toys out of a gumball machine. Brush your teeth, get your treasure. Any port in a storm! Tried singing, they laughed too much.

  47. Came here to let you know this worked! I told her she could get a sticker if she brushed her teeth and BOOM she was all about it. Thank you!

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