1. Go crazy ahhhhahahahah go stupid ahahhhhjaahhah go crazy

  2. Amputate and replant. Worth it in the long run. You will never win the algae battle once it has taken root without removing infection.

  3. Light is a big factor. The ones growing right under my light are totally brown yet completely alive and healthy.

  4. the sooner him and his entire family are dead the better

  5. The best thing that came out of Kevin Hart is Kevin’s Heart by J.Cole

  6. I mean this in the nicest possible way: Maris family, please go home. It's too much.

  7. Seriously. How is he supposed to hit anything when number 1, they won’t throw a strike anymore, and number 2, they still have Maris Jr overseeing every little move. He already tied it. All he would be doing now is beating it. Why do they have to be present? They KILLED his home run momentum with this stupid ceremonious pressure. He would have hit 72 easy if they just shut the fuck up and let him do his job.

  8. Didn’t he strike out 3 times today… what do you mean they won’t throw him strikes

  9. Make sure you don't bury the rhizome because that'll kill it every time and is the most common mistake

  10. I know that; I’m an experienced aquarist, that being said this reminds me of Anubias Barteri grow fully submerged

  11. Me! I have two in a bowl pond they’re so fun and easy

  12. They don’t matter because we are in already and no one is going to pitch Judge a strike if they can help it and Maris Jr is still hovering over the stadium so we aren’t going to be seeing a 62

  13. Just make sure your outdoor light time is not longer than 12 hours by too much or you might trigger Re-vegetation.

  14. It would eventually but revegging and then going back to flower can make it turn hermafroditic

  15. My big boy just climbed it as we speak to eat some Hairgrass off the top 🤣

  16. Very nice. This is something I've always wanted to do as I've always enjoyed fiddler crabs. Stems from memories when I lived in Charleston SC when I was young. They are super interesting creatures.

  17. I agree. First Landing state park in VB is loaded with the little guys. Same exact species as the one sold in the trade!

  18. Maybe just the hygro and the front leaf of the sword

  19. Found some while fishing what about it looks unhealthy

  20. Very lanky and pale. Normally grows bushy and dense and deep green. Probably nutrient deficiency.

  21. Very grateful because it has proved the far left experiment to be a fail and the people will never let this happen again

  22. From what I was told, she's pretty young (a couple of months old). But also what kind of plants?

  23. If she is still growing then feeder fish would be a good snack too

  24. I give my blue boy and marmokreb random plants from local ponds and spinach salad as a treat

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