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  1. Yes it's safe enough. Services like Office 365, AWS and Google are used worldwide by companies and individuals and have had to pass rigorous testing. Having said that, not all services are created equal so be careful.

  2. December 2015 Winnipeg had about 8416 calls for Violent crime vs October 2022 there were 12377.

  3. Only if you consider getting caught for tax evasion and getting your wages garnished "sad"

  4. Don't know anything about it, but if it forced him to stop writing (which is a claim I find somewhat dubious) I consider that a sad outcome.

  5. He didn't stop writing - he just released work as a co-author with others as a way to circumvent the garnishing - the Myth series was on hiatus from 1993-2001 - but he still released six other books in that time period with Linda Evans and Peter Heck.

  6. Malaphors don't, of course. They taste sweet

  7. Well yes, that's what it was satirizing. The books are largely a critique of left wing coastal politics vs. midwest right wing politics with the right wing as the good guys.

  8. There is nothing left wing about the capitalist machine that is the American entertainment industry, and the story of a United working class striving against the privileged, cruel aristocracy just reads like another pinko fantasy.

  9. The game is in no way shape or form even remotely a spiritual successor to Thief. Dishonored is what you're looking for there.

  10. I stand by what I said. Equipment is comparable as are the puzzles. Third person instead of first person, but essentially the same sort of stealth puzzle solving.

  11. It had a couple of bits of similar gameplay where you had to put out or light up torches with your sling, nothing more. Or at least I don't remember more. Not really enough to call it a spiritual successor, especially with all the rat swarm control garbage which was the emphasis of the game.

  12. Why did Reddit get rid of free awards? Here is an imaginary one.

  13. I mean I think if we put our heads together we can figure out why Reddit got rid of FREE awards.

  14. Getting rid of free awards didn’t suddenly make those of us who can’t afford to buy awards have money.

  15. Why on god's green earth would Reddit, as a business, care about those who can't afford rewards?

  16. That's very true. I guess the new goal post for veganism is to sustain yourself on sunlight, water, and sheer hatred of moral relativism.

  17. I know your joking (and a good one too), but can I introduce you to Breatharianism?

  18. With enough money, yes. For an average person it's usually either money for a hobby or money for kids.

  19. Most people can afford a hobby. Gaming requires a console and 10-15 bucks a month for Gamepass, both of which you can share with your kid. Or a midrange PC with Epic’s free games.

  20. That's what's so weird about this situation. Fans always want the coach fired when things go bad. The coach is the warm body the GM sacrifices to the fanbase hoping it'll satiate their bloodlust long enough that the GM can fix the team in the meantime. If you're firing the coach of a terrible, disappointing team, and the fans are giving him an heartfelt ovation, then you've really fucked up.

  21. IMO, and I was one of the most people chanting ‘Bruce there it is’, is it’s about how they did it, not what they did.

  22. The lamestream media and the demonrats want you to believe that mixing ammonia and bleach in a grocery store bag and then putting that bag over your own head is stupid and dangerous. True PATRIOTS know that it’s the only way to empty your mind of toxic government nanobots and finally see clearly through powerful illusion spells cast by Illuminati space wizards.

  23. They’ve gone this long without discovering reading rainbow. I say let’s not ruin that.

  24. This was one the advantages of my dad being a huge nerd. Not laserdisc level, but definitely dual vhs level.

  25. Lawyer did it behind his back. Bet.

  26. Here I am just finding out that Toys-R-Us, and the last vestiges of my childhood, is gone.

  27. I dont understand how or why people care about things like this

  28. Think about how you care about things that other people don't care about. It's like that, but for people that are not you.

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