Youtuber "A Friend" reminding us all that Jagex does not have our best interests at heart.

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  1. I mean if we're gonna get technical, you're looking at at least 2 different wounds from one hit from that sword with all the extra shit on the blade.

  2. Any way to have more notifications? Like level ups or when your character runs out of resources

  3. No, because the game isn’t running in the background. Instead, when you load the game, it will see how long you were offline and then calculate how much xp and items you got.

  4. Got both Fang and Sun jewel in the same raid. First Fang for our group - funny thing is I can’t even use it yet because I’m only 80 attack. To the group storage it goes.

  5. I did! Fairly straightforward, and those cloud saves finally come in handy haha

  6. Bet. Then if you go back to mobile you got everything available in the full version?

  7. So that's the flip. If you don't have the expansion on mobile you can no longer access that save. You'd need the expansion on both.

  8. It did work for me by the way. I bought on steam and it transferred to mobile

  9. Probably need a b*nk near by so people don’t get trapped without a teleport

  10. It does but you cant NMZ > home > NMZ in the time it takes for home to be off CD again

  11. Is the only way to equip gear from the bank or is there an easier way from the combat tab?

  12. You can set up to three items per equipment slot to use and switch outside of the bank.

  13. If you pray mage doesn't the defense level help against ranged attacks?

  14. Brooooooo same! That stereotax is so chill with the waiting time for infusions and stuff. So easy to just click once every 10 mins at crabs

  15. Keeping one of each dose kills too many slots, I prefer only keeping 4-dose and decanting everything else down to 1- dose.

  16. For real. I don’t understand why people do this. When are you gearing up and go to grab a two dose potion lol

  17. My usual bank ritual when I'm re-gearing is to just deposit my entire inventory and start from scratch. Lots of 2 and 3 dose potions get deposited that way.

  18. Oh I died during beneath cursed sands of all places lol. Yellow clicked during the shadow boss and got stacked out

  19. I lost my hcim at 1900 total, best thing that ever happened to me. Hard to convince you right now that this is likely the case for you as well, but I could actually do "risky" content and die without caring much

  20. Glad to hear! It isn't make or break for me. Just making an iron after having a main for me changed the game in a great way

  21. Here I am doing CG and shaking in my boots at the thought of vorky and zulrah, maybe time to take a break from the red prison and try some other content

  22. What kinda gear you rockin? Have loads of vork on main but gonna start on iron soon

  23. People say "get other hobbies" and then list things that aren't better than gaming or aren't hobbies

  24. How much does BA Services cost now days?

  25. Evening all, we want to give an update on this. Since we first saw it, we've been speaking with our Support team to better understand the situation. The majority of what we're going to be talking about here is from the perspective of what we can see, which is in-game behaviours (versus a lot of the content in the videos). We'll talk about that distinction a bit later on.

  26. This might sound sound dumb, but you can collect marks of grace semi afk. Either at Canifis or Ardougne if you have the agi level. Other courses are worse. It doesn't matter if you're overleveled at Canifis.

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