Thai massage review in small town nz

This goes a long way to restore my faith in the people of Earth

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  1. Legolas, Aragon, Gimli

  2. You forgot the the orangutan, hamster, captain slow

  3. There are 45 if them. Mixed reviews. He doesn't like a bridge in the town or the McDonald's and was very upset a pub ran out of beer while he was watching horse racing. On the other hand her loves the atmosphere of a local soccer club.

  4. Italian actress, been in a few American movies, most notably the horrible Matrix 2. Quite possibly the sexiest woman to ever exist, in my opinion.

  5. You think it’s ok for a black person to use the n word but not a white person

  6. Nah you gotta be trollin. That’s exactly what I think😂. If u white go say the n word in public and see what happens big dawg

  7. You do know what racism is right? You are being racist by treating people differently based on there skin. How can we get rid of racism when people think racism can only go one way?

  8. Video game highschool was so good. My favorite was that scene in the dorm room eating cereal from the backpack with a banana. It was also kinda cool that Jenny Matrix got a job on Quantico when it was still on the air.

  9. There’s subs for this stuff but this isn’t the sub for it

  10. I know I just didn’t care

  11. Got a similar voice, similar facial look, doesn't take shit and is a good guy so I'd say so. Not necessarily Eastwood but old westerns Eastwood, the characters he played.

  12. Yeh I literally meant this whole map. Russian sections and all that.

  13. Hey, here's the phrase I'm looking for... Two wrongs don't make a right. I'm pretty sure once that man comes out of the thousand year sentence he will be so fucked up in the head from sheer loneliness that he will never be a functioning human ever again. He might as well kill himself or have the death sentence served

  14. No death is to easy for him. He deserves to server the time they took away from them people. I say 20 years minimum. There should be a law so let’s say you kill a 30 year old and the average life span for example is 70 they should serve 50 year. 20 for the standard then an additional 40 for the time that person most likely had left. You should also not be allowed visitors or phone calls or mail.

  15. Ok Mr math, no need to pop off, I'm not giving somebody 200+ years in the brain melter just for them to come out a screwed up man, even a life sentence is too much (not even the fact that it's 50-70 years away from the outside world but also the costs for keeping prisoners alive) just kill them at some point and get it over with

  16. I am sure if you sell all there shit and make them work they can pay there way. I never meant to “pop” of. It was just late at night and I wa tired

  17. Duck duck go is just a search engine and it fucking sucks, it does the exact opposite of what it says it does and still mines your data!

  18. You sure? I would love to read up if that’s the case

  19. Yeah they marketed themselves as being a browser that wouldn't censor search results or spy on you and they decided to do just that. They hide pirate sites and favor Ukraine in their search results. For a browser that was marketed as not doing those things it's pretty shitty.

  20. Any links to some articles so I can read up? And for the Ukrainian thing idgaf I would rather than Russian

  21. It’s not that bad I would say imagines or like 3rd degreee burns are worse

  22. What about all the bombing in south Vietnam and agent orange? Those made their lives a living hell

  23. Agent orange was a disaster but it dosnet change the fact the US didn’t invade.

  24. Are you trying to justify what they did in nam? Life was so bad there that mothers would give their baby’s to people driving helicopters in hopes that they would have a better life. How fucked up does your life need to be to give your own child to a stranger? And all the US was doing there was stopping the spread of communism. Nothing crazy. The US even lied to their own people about that war.

  25. Where did I justify anything? I simply said the US didn’t invaded. If you think communism is good that’s fine but I disagreed and the people of south Vietnam also disagreed.

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