1. Putting buggy stuff in direct sunlight helps

  2. 4000 gpu will become common atfter Feb-march 2023 if they are announced in Jan 2023

  3. Looks fine I guess. Is it on official website?

  4. Short staffed and lower population volumes I think as compared to UK or USA who outsource call centres to asian countries

  5. as an enemy, i cant tell how much charged is symm beam. could easily tell in OW1

  6. try with other device like laptop etc. if it still happens, get a new monitor. Happened to my old dell one. 50.50 chance of repair

  7. This could be because the driver crashed and windows disabled it maybe. Happened to me once. Restart windows in safe mode with internet(check Google). Then later restart normally. U can check hardware/driver problem in safe mode. If this doesn't work, research some more. Could be some other issue then

  8. Sometimes windows issue. Did u fix by resetting windows?

  9. Thanks bro. I did a manufacturing reset and switched to rtx 3050 gpu usage from armoury crate. And btw that's super weird cause it's was like totally not detected at all at all windows software.

  10. Yeah, windows wasn't detecting gpu for me too

  11. Hey there. Can u give feedback regarding your legion 5 pro? Does 5600h bottle neck 3060?

  12. Tbh i bought this machine for two things media consumption which is superb on this screen specially after coming from 11 years 720 p old machine , second is gaming and let me tell u this my longest gaming session was 12h of the game always running "it was warzone" never heat throttle once. So according to my usage i never faced any bottle Neck so ur experience maybe differ. But most reviewers says 5600h is more than enough for rtx 3060 but maybe not good for 3070. Also the battery were epic i can get up to 8 hours of media consumption streaming may eat 1 hour from battery. The main reason i choose this machine is the screen , 500 nits ftw . Then without knowing i discovered it had superb cooling max rtx wattage known to laptop at that time really satisfied with my purchase but beware of the charging brick my first one was bricked so i replaced it luckily it was instant ur cs service may defer according to region.

  13. thanks, did your charger stopped working? or laptop?

  14. I main support and play every support and know every character good and bads. Tbh, whenever I suggested some support to swap(and when they did), we ended up turning around the match and win the losing match in comp. Thats how much strong the support role is. Ps. I have more than 1800 hrs in game

  15. my mom's side is syed. syeds are not allowed to take zakat. but the syed to syed marriage restrictions is wrong. my dad was not a syed (may Allah forgive him and grant him janatul firdaus) and I am not a syed. in my home town syeds are not seen as any differently then non syeds except that they have the males have a prefix before their name. so you would have syed Saleem or syed abdul Raheem or syed ashfaq (names of relatives of mine) but in no way are they considered to be more special than anyone else.

  16. This is true in Pakistan too. Some but not all Syed families say that they want or prefer to marry only other Syeds.

  17. Her orbs used to be piercing, it was so good against rein and orisa

  18. Bad developers can’t get games to run decently even on series x / ps5. Blame series s to feel better about themselves

  19. It's not that devs are bad. Resources are a huge problem for some companies

  20. Either it's the windows issue with adjusting displays or power issue as GPU is unable to show 2 displays maybe due to lack of power.

  21. Thinking of buying it. Canu give review of temperature/thermals?

  22. It’s in aud and it was on sale

  23. i think the $2300 one on same website is a much better future proof laptop. This is good too. I heard black friday sales will be better if u can wait

  24. What? You want to piss on your team mates? Sick bastard

  25. Yes, I piss from my left hand like normal human being

  26. No one in know played medium in console due to 30fps. PC port was bad to

  27. Did research on this again and NO. It runs 30fps on both new gen consoles sadly.

  28. Genius lol. And they certainly do, cause gawdam.

  29. Hahaha, not mine though.Saw it somewhere on apex meme page

  30. I had this on old Nikon to attach camera display with tv using av cable(red white yellow ports). It's for showing images on TV using camera. It's not USB. To transfer any files, memory card is taken out and is used

  31. Her shield bash do more damage now. From 5 to 50 now. That's why this happened. I was also having top 3 damage in team as brig

  32. I tried it and didn't help. Later saw same with 4 instead of 2. That worked for me. Might help if if this isn't helping anyone, try 4 instead of 2 in same command

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