1. For men to be more emotional

  2. Yes, most people do it, but it is still not accepted

  3. So cut it off and use it as a tampon? Great idea

  4. The amount of mp3s I converted from YouTube says otherwise. Just use a YouTube to mp3 converter some are open source and free or if you want a good experience but at cost I recommend 4kdownloader

  5. But open source doesn’t mean legal, just to clarify

  6. You can count YT as an obviously legal source.

  7. YouTube, yes of course. But they make money with ads and the creators of the videos only allowed it to be on YouTube bc they also make money from it.

  8. Das Schlangen und Leiter spiel, ich glaube das haben wir doch alle von ihnen beigebracht bekommen

  9. Jim grabbing Pam too far in “The Fight”.

  10. I thought this would be the first comment, not so far down

  11. What impact had the war on your personal life, like school (or university etc.), friends and family

  12. I am sorry for the first one. But I thought that it would have a far larger impact, do you consider yourself ‚lucky‘ with these circumstances or are most people just living there life’s there like usual. (The phrasing sounds awful and rude, but please note that I don’t mean it in that way)

  13. doesnt mean anything those results are untrue and innacurate, i got 139 its just stupid

  14. Yes I totally agree, it doesn't measure intelligence, only patter recognition

  15. And I am good at those skills, but I wouldn't consider myself much smarter than other people

  16. Air. I am not even joking. It's called controlled hyperventilation. You have to control your breathing in a way, that more oxygen gets into your lungs. This oversaturation of oxygen causes the effect (it's not hallucination in the way you think it is, but you definitely feel fizzy).

  17. Dangerous for economy ? I would say Elon Musk. One tweet and a company can go bankrupt instantly. The influence he has on social media is enorm.

  18. A selection of course, perhaps with a little quince jelly and a glass of port.

  19. Stimmt, dauert ganz knapp weniger als 24h! Hab es gerade durchgerechnet.

  20. Dann brauche ich noch was anderes für den zweiten Weihnachtsfeiertag!

  21. Nein da brauchst du Schlaf und Erholung von der ganzen Bildschirmzeit

  22. So I did it wrong all those years

  23. You probably won't believe it, but it's not all yellow like in all Hollywood movies

  24. Take my downvote, you just lost Reddit!

  25. But if she says don't stop and you literally come 1-2 minutes later, I feel so bad after

  26. Traveled to Thailand once. Literally everything you eat there is more spicy than anything you ever had before

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