1. Cucho, Cucho man I want a goal from Cucho man Cucho Cucho man

  2. I haven’t been but I feel like you’ve just described every restaurant in Columbus. As a new transplant, I’m constantly asking for recommendations for great spots and end up feeling disappointed or meh. I’ll keep trying. I’m sure I’m missing some gems.

  3. Happy to give you some recommendations.

  4. Please do! I'm looking for a really good, high-end place for when the folks visit, a good seafood spot, good Vietnamese and a solid Indian place. Thanks so much.

  5. Rooh has really solid Indian food, but Two Fatt Indians food truck is my favorite - they also operate out of Hey Hey Bar. I know people on her love to hate on Cameron Mitchell spots (which I get) but honestly have had one of my best meals at Guild House. Also if you haven’t had Bonifacio (Filipino restaurant) I can’t recommend them enough and they just got highlight in Food and Wine magazine. A couple others I’d recommend are Bistrolino (mix of Italian and Lebanese food) and Side Bar.

  6. Tbh there isn't that much to do in this city, it would have been popular regrardless. Question is how many times can they pull the same shit before they've cycled through most of the interest population.

  7. TBH if you think there isn’t much to do in this city you aren’t remotely trying lol

  8. If you want to go to a professional soccer game let me know. Can get you tickets and more than happy to have you join my friends for pre match beers. Brand new stadium, undefeated team, and solid experience.

  9. Out of interest are there any games in the next couple of weeks? I'm here now!

  10. Check out strongwater - not sure if they’ve raised their prices but found them to be pretty reasonable especially if you do a Friday wedding

  11. Strongwater for sure. I’m getting married there this fall.

  12. Second this - they’re awesome. I don’t go anywhere else!

  13. Alta Design Build - my fiancée is their in house interior designer.

  14. Favorite MLS stadium to play at? Outside of ours obviously cause it’s the best.

  15. Helpful! Thank you. In your opinion, where is a great city for single 30 somethings?

  16. I would definitely no agree with this statement at all. There’s enough business here (and more coming) that attract people from outside Columbus. I met my now fiancé when I was 30 with no connection to friends. Yes there are groups of people that are still friends since college (mine included), but us midwesterners are mostly friendly and have no problem accepting people into the group.

  17. 100% Kitties. Haven’t found a better one yet.

  18. That’s definitely a first for me and i’m a local lmao

  19. I’m a local as well and happy to point you in the direction of a ton of great places to eat if you’re interested.

  20. Everything i’ve had for a while has been underwhelming so i’m definitely interested

  21. What type of food do you like? Or any type of food you try to avoid?

  22. Bonifacio in Grandview is incredible. Can’t recommend it enough.

  23. Do they still do the thing, where u eat off the giant leaves on the table, with just your hands?! That was so cool, although I admit I was still hungry because I don’t think I could shovel in enough ha ha.

  24. They do! You can choose to eat it traditionally (on the leaves) or you can ask for plates/cutlery

  25. The Giant Eagle in GV closing was another dagger to urban grocery shopping in Columbus

  26. Honestly that Giant Eagle was terrible. I always go to the Kroger in Brewery District.

  27. Looking for tickets if anyone has extras!

  28. Selling one Nordecke ticket for the USA game vs Costa Rica. Asking face value - $85

  29. Hey man - OSU grad here and huge Buckeye fan, and just wanted to add my two cents because I’ve gone to a ton of home and away games.

  30. To your second point, it’s all a matter of who you’re a fan of. I’m a central PA transplant, attended Penn State now living in Columbus. Love the city, but have had horrible experiences at the shoe. I think you hear and get good and bad things in any stadium atmosphere. Us Nittany lion fans also might be a little bitter at our performance against OSU, lol!

  31. 100%. I got treated amazingly when I went to Oklahoma for the Ohio State game, but they told me straight up if I was a Texas fan I’d have a much different experience 😂

  32. Unfortunately no one could get it on, so just watched it on my phone. Ate at Ri Ra and it didn’t disappoint!

  33. He’s currently playing with Vito and Perry 😂

  34. Nice to see Perry already integrated with the team well. Honestly cool to see, all three of those guys have vastly different backgrounds

  35. Saw him play with Artur the other day too

  36. We used to cheer this for Dante Washington when he played for the crew. Not opposed to bringing it back!

  37. GG Cleaners. Been using them on our place for awhile. They do amazing work.

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