1. When do decisions come out? I’m from US and self reported my grades on Nov 22. I applied for civ engineering

  2. When does McGill start giving out acceptances to Ontario students? Do any happen before semester 2 midterm marks?

  3. I asked a similar question at the start of the school year since taking ENG4U online. Common consensus was that it would be fine. On-line may be the only way some students can access a class (remote communities for example).

  4. That is only if you are a transfer student from a college. Not needed for a mainstream 4 year eng degree student.

  5. Are 1st semester marks always uploaded to ouac? Or is that dependent on your school?

  6. What is the best thing about McGill? And the worst?

  7. Does u of t look at top 6 average or top 5?

  8. This was exactly my son's situation as a toddler. Total back slide on potty training and ridiculous thirst. Yes, we eventually went to a walk in clinic and he was diagnosed with type one. Go to an er right away and get a test. Don't wait. It is more urgent when their bodies are so small.

  9. 6 universities, 7 programs (because McGill allows a second choice for free). I would say 3 are possible acceptance and 3 are sure things, so this is just to keep options open.

  10. Do a college program and then transfer to last 2 years at Lakehead. It is a great program.

  11. i mean it is possible, my teachers are acting like covid isn't a thing and one of my teachers said many don't seem prepared for grade 12 because of online school and disruptions in grade 11.

  12. I also think there are more distractions in the post covid world. We had no extra curricular in 20/21 and limited ones in 21/22. So more distractions, plus a lack of preparedness - I think we may see some decrease.

  13. Any one know why the supplemental application was removed for engineering? Addmissions is now totally marks based? Anyone know the cut off from last year?

  14. Choice at our school was either online 1st semester or in person 2nd semester.

  15. My son was diagnosed at age 2 at a time with no cgms etc. We also had no grandparent of family support. After a year or two we were really ready to resume some sort of couple social life. I advertised for a babysitter at the nursing school. We did interviews and found someone we liked. Paid her about $20 an hour plus tip. We booked her one evening a week for 3 years (her whole time in school). It was an excellent experience.

  16. Lakehead does this. Many people go there just for this program.

  17. I work in tech and very similar environment and here are my thoughts.

  18. Very small acceptance pool, very small applicant pool. Another path may be to try track1, more applicants, more acceptances

  19. Wouldn't the acceptance average to track1 be higher than mineral?

  20. Persevere! I also love Annie Proulx and read Barkskins last year. I still think about it all of the time. Her writing really sticks with you. I promise, the conclusion of the saga is worth the effort!

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