Asking future father-in-law’s blessing to marry his daughter

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After wrapping their 4th performance at the Royal Albert Hall in London, band members from Bonobo heard someone rehearsing on the hall's enormous 9,999-pipe organ at 1am. They convinced her to join in for their last performance and wrote her part in secret. The audience was not informed.

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  1. Cordoba is a good start. I picked up a new C5 to have the ability to use an amp, and I love the sounds of it. It was my first classical but I love it

  2. Thank you. I’ve seen good things about then.

  3. At least it might give you an idea of the range of guitars. Then you could look on Reverb to get a deal on a used one.

  4. Absolutely correct. I should have explained that is exactly my plan. And, thanks for the heads-up on Takamine and Seagull. Had a Takamine years ago and thought it was well-made.

  5. It’s shocking to me that this even needs to be said.

  6. Fan since ‘54 and I think it is a GREAT idea.

  7. Yeah. It was an amazing show. Would see again.

  8. It really is. Very much so. Not much worse than a clearly perfunctory effort.

  9. Wayyyyy the fuck too much enabling here. God forbid someone asks a question that 8 seconds of Google would answer and is told to use Google. The downvoting to hell commences.

  10. Oy. A good “oy” but absolutely an “oy.”

  11. Looks very good. Is the serving one? I see it says that on the box but the sodium level is awfully high.

  12. Yes just one, but at 5 bucks it comes with the fries you really cant beat it.

  13. If I could that much salt at one meal I’d be all over it. Thanks for responding.

  14. It’s just a great pick. I’ll use another if I need a bit sharper attack, but it’s my favorite by a Mike.

  15. Took off from a small airport. Started to level off and saw another single-engine Cessna heading straight for me.

  16. Are we talking about for both? If so, you may not find anything.

  17. Alex, I'll take "Who Are Two of the Biggest Assholes of the 2020s" for $1,000.

  18. We’re facing a similar situation. If time allows I’d appreciate the suggestions you sent to OP. THANK YOU.

  19. Same we found it on our first Whole30 and haven't looked back. If I'm not eating Rao's I'm making my own sauce from scratch. We always grab it at costco when it's on sale.

  20. He put these videos out in October and December and now we're all discovering this 4 months later because the cops feelings are hurt.

  21. Didn't you know offending the police in any way is a capital crime?

  22. Deadwood. One of the top 5 shows ever made. There is--apparently--still some confusion about whether they got canceled or decided to call it quits, but, good lord, three years wasn't nearly enough.

  23. If only there were a place to type in a name and find things written about them

  24. Please. That’s wayyyy too much work, apparently.

  25. I've done that to my own guitars so they have about 1/16" overhang at the nut and 5/32" around the 22nd fret. I have a light touch, and even though I do plenty of bending and vibrato, I haven't had a problem with strings rolling off the ends of the frets.

  26. That makes sense. Glad it's worked out for you. I'm certainly leaning that way. TY.

  27. i dont know anyone that owns an electric guitar and i wasnt really planning on getting lessons but i still might. so i cant really try it out. i think the best option is to get a right handed guitar and just try to learn it. i think ill be able to do it. if it wont work out then i guess ill sell the guitar or something and try a left handed one

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