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  1. Twats on speakerphone sat on public transport

  2. See also: Video calling on public transport/in a public building.

  3. Did you know that most advice is to ignore tantrums. Toddler are psychopaths with an inability to regulate emotions. Most of the time I can talk my toddler down from a tantrum, or distract. Sometimes I’m the cause, because I’ve done something terrible like not let him jump off a balcony, or pick up a dog poo, or because I have the audacity to not need to buy bananas today because we already have more bananas that we will reasonable eat. At those times, he’s angry with me, and any interaction from me makes things worse, being nice, being firm, putting in boundaries etc all just make him scream louder. If I wait it out for two mins, he calms down, we reconnect, discuss his behaviour and move on.

  4. Oh man sorry to hear that, A worrying number of managers are stuck in the dark ages.

  5. The employer wants feedback on the role within the next month so I'm going to submit it before leaving to save any backlash. Hopefully it'll give a good insight.

  6. Is this how they recruit you into MI5?

  7. But they still knew what word it was, enough to "correct" it

  8. Isnt the drivers side window open??

  9. Enough to let the forbidden soup through, yes

  10. Have you not heard that before? Drunk people vomiting are said to be praying to the porcelain god.

  11. I've not heard of it until now, but it's a fast favourite!

  12. For bonzer car insurance deals, girls get on to Sheila’s wheels!

  13. It's table manners for me. I'm insufferable, but my brain goes wobbly without me having the cutlery perfectly arranged and eaten with the left hand, the bread broken and not sliced, the cold food left until the whole party is there to tuck in, and immediately starting the hot food before everyone is there, to appreciate it as soon as possible. Pouring everyone's drinks first is a must too.

  14. Someone else who pairs them odd out of the packet! It's just a fun way to be, and having matching socks means it's a bad day for me.

  15. You should try beans with salad cream & tuna and cheese on toast. Seriously. If you're a beans' fan, you'll love it.

  16. What I don't understand is that it is '69 and not '63, as the battle of Gettysburg was 63.

  17. Can you refresh my memory as to who that is or give a timestamp in the video for me to reference? That could be a good lead.

  18. I presume they're referring to MadamMeow, heavily referenced around the 38:10 mark of the video

  19. I don't think jam would go well with the veg

  20. Aldi for sure, they're really good too.

  21. I checked this weekend and they’d switched to Kelloggs :(

  22. :( that's so sad, I'm sorry to hear

  23. Framed picture of toast checks out

  24. Looking at the responses, I'm going to have to book one for sure.

  25. Here's another I've spotted in the wild

  26. hmm that getting the broken off key out with two cutters might be good to know. probably the only usable one

  27. Tweezers might be safer if you have them available before the blades

  28. Jesus won't need to be your airbag if he takes the wheel first.

  29. “Would you like a magazine?” “Do you have Popular Mechanics?”

  30. It's fantastic. I do a mini sick every time I open a video on the default app, it's usually an audible and Tiktok advert each time.

  31. Is that the term for the high-pitched “tick tick tick tick tick ttttttttttttick tick tick” escaping from everyone’s headphones? I still can’t be sure if what I’m hearing is one really annoying song or a whole genre based around a hysterical metronome.

  32. I read that and heard exactly what you meant too. Curse of the "hysterical metronome"

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