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AITA for making my sister think I was going to move to America and leave her alone?

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AITA for not buying takeout for my unemployed girlfriend?

Staring into the abyss and it's staring right back

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Are you being serious right now?

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  1. Yeah, it sounds like maybe the infection he got recently really took a toll.

  2. Someone I know had cancer, and the infections were the the second biggest danger to their health. It’s a crazy thing to go through. I just watched their newest stream and it feels weird not hearing thick being an asshole lol.

  3. My ex got me into neebs, and I’ve been watching them for almost a decade. Even their remax commercials and hilarious shorts.

  4. I second this, it’s like a godsend to me, a mom with too many pets and a carpeted home 🤦‍♀️

  5. It’s from 64 for sure, I loved that one. I spent far too long on this part of the game lol

  6. I know it’s supposed to be good vibes but I see this almost every Friday and think “shit I really did nothing with my week” and get a lil stressed out lol

  7. Mark of a true badass how gangster he seems with that “Disney made the right choice with this”, in PJs reacting to a Little Mermaid trailer.

  8. If only he pointed with his first finger and pinky finger while saying that, I would have sworn I was watching the sopranos lol

  9. God damn, your poor sister. That is so mean, apologize to her if you want a relationship in the future cuz that could have possibly caused PTSD.

  10. Oooo love the tattoo!! Maybe do a cool hair style like space buns

  11. NTA, not even a little bit. What the hell? You're absolutely right, good riddance. You live there, you pay rent, you can cook whatever you want. She can find another place to live.

  12. Right? I once dated a guy and kind of spent a lot of time with him at his place. Basically moved in but wasn’t paying rent either… I was so embarrassed about that that I could never even fathom overstepping my boundaries like this lady did. I genuinely don’t understand the mindset here.

  13. My best friend, rented a room in his house out to his brother.

  14. Where in their minds is that ok??? Like what did the conversation sound like between the couple, “hey, we deserve the biggest bedroom because we fuck, right honey?”

  15. And in 2 weeks she’s already gotten callbacks for second interviews! So it sounds like she’s doing her best, if this is in fact actually real.

  16. Very hard for me to believe people actually treat someone they love like this, but it does happen. A lot of this sub feels a little (suspiciously) ridiculous lately though.

  17. YTA. You are such an asshole. First - you said she can quit her job to move with you and you’ll support it. Second - she has been trying to get a job, so it’s not like she’s a freeloader. Third - you want to treat yourself but not her. So you end up making her feel like a useless mooch, when it’s not her fault she doesn’t have a job either! You made her relocate, knowing she wouldn’t have a job, and now you’re rubbing her face in it.

  18. Everything here. I actually felt pain in my stomach reading this bevause I’ve been in a similar situation.

  19. What animal is this? my son got a 3 animal set from WWF for his birth, and the dog things are one of them. He has a jerboa, Okapi, and whatever this dog is. They didn’t have the name on the tags, and it was a gift so I have no idea what they’re called.

  20. Thank you so much. I’ve been wondering for months, but kept forgetting to google. This post reminded me. We call his doll remi since I couldn’t for the life of me remember what they were called lol

  21. Aunt of an intellectually disabled kid. He’s nearly 20 now, in university, and thriving well independently. And that’s 100% because my bro and his wife prepared him for situations like this. He’s autistic. He has a routine and gets upset when it isn’t followed to the tee. They say “if you’re upset, call me, and I’ll work you through it”

  22. I’ve had lots of training around school shootings and talked to our campus police (former teacher and admin) about stuff like this. First things first, you have to react quickly enough to get out. Your brain is going to rationalize that first shot as something else. Oh, it’s just a produce display getting knocked down or a delivery truck hitting the building. You have to be able to hear that sound and recognize what it is. Spend some time at a gun range and you’ll realize how distinct it really is. Then, you have to be able to move instead of freeze. If your kid can be carried, that’s your best bet at not getting separated. If they’re bigger, you grab their arm like there’s no tomorrow and find the nearest exit. Nearest may not be the way you came in. Find the emergency exits when you enter any public place and keep it at the forefront of your brain. I agree with the other posters who said the parking lot would be a mess so traveling on foot is likely your way to go. Once you’re out of the building, try to run to safety away from the crowd. Mass shooters want mass casualties so you’re safer away from the group, generally. Time is against a shooter, because 911 is being called as soon as those first shots go off. This is why we tell teachers to lock their doors (I could go off on a whole rant about this one) - because anything that puts a time barrier between the shooter and you and is great. Considering how little mine is, if the car was the best option, I’m cradling her against me and driving. I know the risks of a car crash, but time is so important. Seconds matter. And the chances of me actually fleeing in the car because of the parking lot situation are low anyway.

  23. When my babe was only a few months old we were in the city. Something was making my tummy hurt and I decided to take the babe inside the mall instead of hanging out front waiting for a ride. As we turn around and enter the building, a man landed near where my son and I were standing. I heard the thud, the screams, turned around and saw a crowd, and kept walking away (even if I wasn’t in danger I still don’t want to see all that). Heard on the news it was a jumper.

  24. I’m sad for him too, it broke my heart when I heard and truly internalized what that thud was. It’s been a couple years but I’ve listened to my gut ever since.

  25. It has to be a nipple, but I can’t stop staring at what looks to be an eye peeking out between the kittens

  26. Yeah iirc Season 3 was added to UK Disney+ with 25 episodes, then Smoochie Kiss and Family Meeting were added. But nothing since.

  27. Any idea wha that reason is? My kid is getting bored with the regular bluey episodes, and I’m scared he’s gunna phase it out and think it’s boring! Bring s3p2 to Disney plus gosh darn it!!

  28. I’m the head custodian at my school, so I’m not cleaning classrooms so much as the rest of the campus and keeping up with other things, but teachers like that (of which he have a few) make it so much easier for my team. Your mom is awesome.

  29. She had a lot of hands on jobs before becoming a teacher (got her degree at 50!) so she appreciates what it’s like to clean up after hundreds of people and basically feeling invisible. I agree, she’s awesome lol

  30. Um tell her i need words of inspiration; I am 40 and still havent finished my license 😳

  31. Look at my profile (I posted a pic), this was a note a student wrote her when she was still a student teacher and she says it was one of her favorite motivators. She says you’ll always have at least one kid a year that touches your heart and this was her first.

  32. Yep, ours. It was the big gift “Santa” brought the kids, too, so there’s no getting rid of it. It was like a slip ‘n’ slide from hell by the time she was done in there.

  33. I hate to laugh at your misfortune, but that’s what I’m doing lol (with much love of course)

  34. I broke up with a dude I dated for two years because he asked why I’d cry over sandy hook. I was maybe 18/19 at the time and had A niece the age of the kids. I broke down when I heard, he comforted me, and while I was still crying he seriously asked why this would affect me so much, because I didn’t know any of the kids. My brain actually broke, my crying stopped and I just looked at him like wtf is wrong with you? Dumped him the next day. He was somehow verrrryyt confused. The lack of empathy in some people is astonishing

  35. It's a legitimate question. Maybe there were other factors why you broke up with him - but not everyone thinks or feels exactly the same. If someone asks "why do you feel that way", generally the best response is to explain it, not rage at them and/or break up with them. From this story alone, this person cared about you enough to comfort you even though their brain didn't understand why, which is pretty close to the literal definition of love.

  36. It was a quick description of what he said, but I left out that he was actually mad at me for crying about it, that’s what solidified my decision to break up. But yes, there were other similar instances that lead to the decision.

  37. Also FYI there are new devices that aren’t as clunky as CPAP machines. Get sleep studied OP, it’ll improve your quality of life and the quality of your marriage

  38. That’s how ya do it! I only have one and have maybe a quarter of the energy this mom has, what a badass!

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