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  1. Nice to see AITA being so consistent about people not being obligated to others depending on how big a whiny little bitch the OOP is.

  2. Yikes. Everybody's a little weird here. They gave really stupid reasons for not inviting you, but the whole everyone-but-ME-was-invited! thing is a bit thin-skinned.

  3. Precisely. This isn't fucking primary school where you're meant to invite the whole damn class. And the fact that they're turning into a work issue by going crying to HR is just beyond belief. OP is a whiny little turd.

  4. Makes me wonder if they're from PA Dutch country or the surrounding area. Here, chicken pot pie is a thick stew with large, square handmade noodles.

  5. Someone posted a link to a recipe for a PA Dutch chicken pot pie above and I'm sitting here going... that's chicken noodle soup.

  6. As a non-native, I agree. You boil the potatoes until they start to disintegrate and the broth is reduced so it resembles a very thick stew. So thick that it can be eaten on a plate with a fork. If my husband, a PA Dutch native, knew my Reddit account, I would not be sleeping safe tonight. Calling it soup? Them are fightin words.

  7. Here’s a tip for brides-to-be. If you’re that ugly, just go to the courthouse.

  8. I go to that sub every once in a while to hate-watch clips like that but my god that whole community is fucking deranged. The commenters always seem to have two modes: drivers that you can tell drive like maniacs and say shit like “If you don’t peel off like a drag racer when the light turns green and go twenty over the speed limit then you’re actually more dangerous than a drunk driver because you’re holding up traffic”

  9. Its a bit like reading the comments on Dash Cams Australia on FB. That page will likely be the thing that eventually gets me banned.

  10. Do they still give actual sonogram pictures nowadays? I would've thought it'd all be digital files.

  11. I can taste just from looking at the picture and it is not good.

  12. Someone has obviously never experienced the bliss of Weet Bix made with just enough boiling water to soften the biscuits (and dampen the ridiculous layer of sugar on top).

  13. And they dirty deleted because they weren't getting smoke blown up their ass. Boo-hoo.

  14. She must have access to the internet to write the review. Right? I guess no one told her she can order ingredients online.

  15. I mean, I get where you're coming from, but not being in the USA I'm paying a premium for all of these things you consider ubiquitous and 'its just on Amazon'. Of course I can just not make the recipe, and that is usually my default, but that can really suck sometimes.

  16. I tried to find it actually - but I don't remember specifics of the post. I was thinking about going through my comments but that'd take hours. I comment on reddit a lot.

  17. Wicked! I was always told how much trouble people have gotten into for not doing their taxes and how people can face jail time and stuff so I got pretty freaked out and pulled my ass into gear. Luckily I’m already on hold with the ATO (been all day and the anxiety has been rising) to get the linking stuff fixed. Thank you for the advice

  18. In my exprience ATO only get stroppy when you actively try to avoid paying taxes. I've got friends and co-workers who're always consistently late lodging their tax returns - some several years behind - and have never gotten in strife for it. As long as you're making an effort to sort things out they're pretty helpful.

  19. If I wasn't so damn lazy and had the space, I'd totally have a 'nothing but snails' fishtank.

  20. Is that corn and bell peppers? I don't normally get Supreme so I'm not sure about bell peppers, but corn seems new to me.

  21. (and in case it wasn't obvious it strongly implies unproductiveness – people like retirees, stay-at-home-parents, very young children, etc. generally aren't considered to be NEETs even though the word could technically describe them)

  22. While I think this is as fake as a Kardashian photo shoot, you would be horrified at how many people with children have no life insurance and no plan for if something happened to them.

  23. Had a co-worker once ask if she should get life insurance - told her that since she's got a kid that she should be insured to the hilt (not least because her and her husband had spent a bit more than they should've on their home). I wonder if she ever listened to me.


  25. Can I just say that I loathe how they always call this shit 'obscure' in the tabloid trashrags. Its not obscure, people are just ignorant and stupid. And, quite frankly, its common sense that the damn seatbelt needs to be pretty flush against you to be useful.

  26. You need to speak to someone who specialises in family law. They are called binding financial agreements and they may or may not survive the Family Court if the relationship breaks down in the future.

  27. If you want even a snowball's chance in hell of it sticking, both parties need to seek independent legal advice.

  28. Thanks all It’s very helpful. Additionally, do I need to consider anything else while making content insurance claim so that it goes smoothly?

  29. A full list of all the items stolen (with brand and model where applicable) and any receipts/proof of purchase will make things go more smoothly with your insurance.

  30. Chuck a render over it and nobody will notice

  31. If its anything like some of the McMansion estates I've seen, that's probably the ultimate plan.

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