1. I'm 3 months out and my hip feels brand new. I can do anything I want - weight lift, run, etc. I'm also 36 and athletic, I own a PT company as well. But he's an absolute wizard of a surgeon and you couldn't find anyone better in my opinion (we get a lot of post - op patients from him at our clinics and his outcomes are always awesome).

  2. Where is your PT ? Im current looking for help

  3. How are you feeling ? What are you doing to manage pain ? I have very similar symptoms (38M groin/testicle/psoas). Back has issues too with L5 S1 2mm herniating - hip labrum shows “questionable” small linear tear. Currently doing hip pt as well

  4. Yes, with labrum reconstruction

  5. How are you feeling post op? Same age and diagnosis here and working through PT now

  6. Yes. 3rd ortho doc pretty much said yeah, you’ll need surgery. Had to schedule me for an injection for insurance purposes 2 days after initially seeing him, came back 2 weeks and scheduled the surgery. Tomorrow I’m 2 weeks post op.

  7. How are you feeling ? Sorry that you had to go through all that. What’s you plan now ?

  8. I feel the root is solved. But I still have some aches/sore spots like from the incisions and muscles.

  9. Good luck !!! Hope it all gets resolved for you

  10. Depends how much you've advanced in the 2 months. Are you able to fill the role without significant training?

  11. I feel like I was always able to fill the role with my level of experience - but your right its more about what they think.

  12. Same boat here ! I actually thought my symptoms were side effects to the second shot but once I lost my sense of smell I knew something was up. Glad you were vaccinated tho- it could have been worse for us both. As for sense of smell that’s all that I have right now too - good news is that 85% of people get it back within 2 weeks ! I’m still waiting on day 9 - some scents are easier than others right now

  13. Hi everyone. Also new here I have 4 1/2 year old son and my husband and I have been trying for 9 months. I was evaluated a month ago and was told my Amh is very low and FSH very high. I was recommended to try IVF which I will start my first cycle next month. Feeling stressed that ir may not work with my own eggs and my husband does not want donor eggs.

  14. Sorry your going through that.. we are in the same boat. What medication protocol will you be on? Good Luck and hopefully your able to add to your family. Positive vibes

  15. Thank you. I appreciate it. I am waiting for my exact medication protocol. I should know in the next few days. Do you know of ones that have worked for those with DOR?

  16. Clomid alone and clomid with menopur… I’ve also been reading about PRP injections to the ovaries

  17. Yes… i found it super high, but i have never been in this situation and don’t have anything to compare it to yet

  18. do you make the paste yourself? what do you put in it? if you don’t mind me asking!

  19. Just water and turmeric powder - use a swab to apply it... I have read ppl use oils (tea tree/ coconut) to make the paste as well

  20. ouu! i’ll give it a try! do you notice a difference right away with the inflammation? or is it something you have to do daily? also, how long do you leave it on?

  21. Usually do it at night before bed and significantly lower in the morning - or will bring it to a head faster then start to set out

  22. Awesome job ! Do you have measurement goals ? Where are you now? Arms and chest specifically?

  23. Your current lender may ask for their own appraisal on you dime to verify - I’d do it with the refi- that was my situation and PMi was removed due to value . As for escrow funds in my case they wanted to add .25 to remove it

  24. Perhaps I’m doing it wrong but I tried making the paste but once i remove it and let it dry it comes right back

  25. Hey based on your 800K price you’ll need 160k cash and then some for closing and as proof income and additional savings. I’d say 240-300K cash at a minimum. If your property type is a coop, which is popular in NYC then youre at the mercy of the board and they will scrutinize your finances even more.

  26. In Broward as well - I see Resnik by Aventura mall . Very knowledge and well versed in HS. Has entire protocol for HS from meds to diet and holistic changes. Some have worked for me other not so much. Worth a shot if you insurance covers it

  27. I switched to meundies... they now have a ladies collection. All black everything and surprisingly absorbing

  28. Same here - I ended up hiding the channel and told my kid that she stopped making videos

  29. Depends on if you plan for long term. Always go for lower interest rate if you plan on staying. Usually the break even is around 10 years

  30. We are planning to sell in 3 to 5 years.

  31. I was wondering the same ! My wife and I started the process and she isn’t much of a “sharer”. I totally respect that but want to get some insight sometime as we have never done this before. Totally interested in getting other male experiences as well.

  32. Exact same, my gf isn’t much of a sharer. But if I’m a part of the process I want to be a part of it and get all the info and feel like I’m in control of my body and future.

  33. Unfortunately we didn’t get that far - but we did discuss it and agreed that we would fertilize whatever we end up with and pay for storage until we were ready to transfer

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