1. Unfortunate to see the company fail so fast with such large ambitious dreams. Sucks for the stock holders who have lost thousands

  2. They were. I think I'll intentionally overproof these now.

  3. You’ve got my vote! That looks like an artist’s rendition of perfection!

  4. I once did this with a loaf of challah in a loaf pan. I was so excited to make french toast with it... until I smelled it igniting as it tried to eat the oven heating element.

  5. 350F, 15m, they turned out yummy. I may do this on purpose now.

  6. "If only I had opposable thumbs." -Every cat ever

  7. My first month of owning rust, I played 350 hours lol

  8. Moo came to mind first, then I saw Smoogles. I think this covers it.

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