1. Great country, cultured people , same problems m

  2. Our dictator is dead, theirs is still alive also isis still exist there & civil war, so they have worse problems than us

  3. Glorious country, great people, but still have a Chinese copy of Saddam Hussein as president

  4. Apparently you're Iraqi. Imagine if an Iraqi movie company made a movie about Hammurabi or Ashurbanipal, Sargon of Akkad or about the Hashemite Kingdom or any other Mesopotamian historical figure and cast a Chinese Person as the main Character. Would you be completely content with that? Or would you go "wait a minute that's obviously not how any of these people looked like"?

  5. Already done, king Faisal I was played by white actor in Lawrence of Arabia, Etranals i suspect any of the mesopotamians were Iraqis or at least Arab, in Agatha and the cruse of ishtar even the train boy was an Indian with a fake iraqi accent, Saddam Hussein was played by an Israeli & you know how Iraqis hate Israel and a lot more

  6. None of the movies you talked about were made by a Middle Eastern/Arab/Iraqi Studio. They were made by Western studios for a Western audience. Now imagine an Iraqi studio using Chinese actors, when there is plenty of local talent that doesn't look completely out of place. That would be analogous

  7. So it's okay when foreign people do it, i just want you to avoid watching Iraqi historical shows & films that include English people & you don't want to see Winston Churchill in the Iraqi TV series Al Pasha

  8. No, when you zoom in you can tell it's the Czech coat of arms on the Spanish flag.

  9. Wasn't expecting a Saddam Hussein fan

  10. If you look at the green book you would see kuwait invasion if i was a Saddam fan i would have written Kuwait liberation

  11. That is a common fact in Iraq i first heard it when i was 8 years old

  12. Yo mama is so annoyed by you mama jokes that she forced you to ask us to stop & troll us

  13. I'm Israeli and i literally don't care.It is an hypocritical move to judge Israel for colonization,European countries did it centuries ago.And we needed that land in a sake of our own survival.So fuck off leftist.

  14. Fighting colonizers isn’t leftist, but fighting private corporates & banks is

  15. Better than most European presidents, who tell you everything is fine while everything is actually going down the drain! I would cherish such an honesty!

  16. As an Iraqi I approve like the minister of media in the middle of the first hours of the American invasion said everything is going to be okay while the imperialist American pigs were at the gates of Baghdad & are fighting in my home city Basra

  17. Virgin Persian: named after a small place by Europeans instead of real name

  18. Saudi Arab can live in the desert if an apocalypse happen

  19. There are more tourists in Iraq than people who actually support George bush

  20. The dynasty was more Arab like most of the Muhammad Ali dynasty khedives, sultans & kings married Egyptian women, Farouk mother actually was a descendant of prophet Muhammad & they’re the Arabist Arabs

  21. I when you abolish your monarchy I wish you become like us

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