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  1. I spent over 4,000KD on sneakers (Travis Scott Jordans and Other hype ones that were overpriced asf) and had an expected profit of 900KD. Ended up with barely 100KD profit and still have one more that I'm unable to sell.

  2. I only have the Reverse Mocha Travis Low 1s left (size 43/9.5)

  3. I’m not sure the sneaker market is what it once was, my friend. Though maybe there is a poor soul somewhere who might be willing to pay 20x the price for a pair of shoes.

  4. The sneaker market is practically dead. I'm selling this last sneaker I have left from a previous investment I made. I'm not looking for profit I'm just trying to sell it around market price.

  5. I don't have money so let's pretend this emoji is an award 🏅

  6. I only savescum when my team plays Manchester United. I will not lose to Manchester United under any circumstance.

  7. Me @ Inter Milan. I play AC Milan (my favorite team) I could be at the bottom of the table and still refuse to lose to inter, no way in hell. Other than that, the story becomes less interesting if I'm at the top all the time, game gets stale when there's no room for improvement.

  8. As hard as this is to believe, the exact same thing happened to me 8 years ago. The only advice I can give you is to remember that it's a blessing in disguise (A really harsh one). I went back to her and then broke up with her after a month of trying to convince myself that I can forgive her until I stopped lying to myself. It took me a very long time, but I'm glad I learned that I deserve better. I learned that it was her loss and my gain. She lost someone who loved her (and was willing to forgive her after what she did), my gain was getting rid of someone who didn't deserve me. It's a long process. Do it at your own pace. Weed and alcohol are not gonna help for shit. You need to learn to be happy alone, a year long relationship is not easy to move on from, let alone one that ended this way. Give yourself credit any progress you make. Most importantly, just go easy on yourself, I spent too much time punishing myself for something that wasn't my fault.

  9. I’ll probably get flamed for this but Spinazzola bro, I use him and love him, plus he’s super cheap. And yes I’ve used Theo and even zanetti, something about the Spini

  10. I get shit on for preffering Godfrey over Tomori so I completely understand. Some players just match your playstyle better than the famous cards and that's always okay.

  11. I got Luke Shaw in my FUT Champs picks, switched him to LB and got Milner for 29k. I can already see the improvement. Shaw feels slower than Lodi but 100% better defensively.

  12. I used to sell sneakers (Jordans and Dunks and Yeezys) and used to make 20kd per sale (Sometimes more or less depending on the sneaker). The sneaker market died late 2021 and the hype isn't there anymore, all my regular clients just completely stopped buying as they lost the ability to justify paying 3 digits for a shoe (understandable). I still have one last pair that I haven't sold yet but other than that, I stopped working with sneakers. So now I'm back to looking for a new side hustle.

  13. For age, I don't think there is a specific age limit. But I do know 90% of renters will ask for a bank statement/salary certificate, proof that you will be paying the rent every month. You can find studio apartments or 1 bedroom apartments in Salmiya, Hawali, Mahboula, Mangaf, or if you can afford it, Bneid Al-gar, Al-Shaab. Where to find the apartments ? Opensouq is the easiest place although you're always gonna find them overpriced, best way to do it is to drive around and find buildings that have those "for rent" signs, call them and ask about what their requirements are.

  14. I saw this clip the other day of Kurt Angle chugging milk and Brock Lesnar slapping his back making him spit all the milk on the girl in front of him. I died laughing at it.

  15. I worked in an ISP and I can tell you that this is a Ministry issue and not the telecom company's fault. I live in Salwa and the MOC has refused to replace the siemens fiber boxes for the last 6 years. Siemens boxes cap at 20mbps and can't be activated anymore. It was so annoying working for an ISP and still not being able to get fiber. I tried it at work and I can't tell you how much of a difference it makes playing Apex Legends on Belgium servers at 101ms then going back home to 130ms. Someone in the comments said they would rather take the 200mbps in ordet to get lower latency and they're 100% right for that. Even 50mbps is great but MOC are busy fighting the ISPs rather than provide Fiber to areas that need it.

  16. You have to complete the swaps objectives to earn swaps tokens. In the objectives tab look for the FIFA WORLD CUP SWAPS SHOWCASE, FIFA WORLD CUP SWAPS WEEK.

  17. I'm still standing here screamin' FUCK THE FREE WORLD!

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