Mayfield Kentucky after the tornado

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  1. Does any know of some low carb almost 100 perfat fat chocolate?

  2. I try to get vitamin k complex when I order supplements and get a mixture of both this way.

  3. I keep reading this stuff. Do we really need omega 3 anymore in comparison with saturated fatty acids. Or should I stop supplementing with omega 3 and just stick to a high saturated fat diet?

  4. I buy all my books used on they give you points and after so many buys they actually will give you a free book.

  5. Is there any books on this ROS theory?

  6. I love my butter. I often eat two sticks a day. This doesn't cause me to gain weight.

  7. Since I have gone carnivore and my body isn't trying to rid myself of sugar anymore my skin is no longer cracking in the winter. I think for me it's that my body doesn't need to eliminate so much sugar. Although I am very sure the saturated fat that I also eat daily is helping my skin as well.

  8. Meijer sells garlic butter which is quite salty. Put this over a steak, delicious!

  9. I have had the same exact problem that you have had. I have lost over 80 pounds. Lost a lot of the problems in my legs. Still have some of it there unfortunately. Iam in hopes that as I lose more the rest will go too.

  10. This diet takes a lot of patience. Add more fats in. It helps.

  11. Anything by Dr. Gary Taubes is an excellent read.

  12. You can get PayPal to send you a bank card.

  13. PayPal is quite fast as long as they are a PayPal user.

  14. For me, I can eat dairy, but the sugar substitute in that ratio yogurt causes me to fluctuate weight wise and basically just to plateau. I would try removing one dairy item at a time and seeing what affects you and what doesn't.

  15. Try looking at houses newer than 1975 or making sure that all the plumbing has been converted over to plastic because metal pipes corrode. An inspector won't always catch this. I bought my house a year ago and wished I would have paid more attention to this. Also, if the house you decide to land on hasn't updated the wiring then you probably have that old cloth wiring. I have a 1952 house which has both of these issues going on.

  16. Also calamari fish oil doesn't go rancid. It's what I found out when I researched this. If anyone find out anything different please let me know.

  17. Is there any books on what you are talking about?

  18. If you do carnivore diet you will still be low carb and just eat meat and occasional dairy.

  19. I've done a few tests for them. They've always paid. None of the tests involved something so in depth, though. Pretty cool.

  20. Too bad the rest of us couldn't become an active participant in this.

  21. Calories don't matter. I would up your fats. If you still think that calories matter, read anything by Gary Taubes especially his book good calories and bad calories.

  22. Spiders could cease to exist and I would just be relieved.

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