1. Anything that brings out how competitive they are, one of my favourite moments in Exo Ladder was the last game they had to play, and the mission game. If Baekhyun, Chanyeol and Chen join it would be so much fun.

  2. Whole concert with the hour delay was exhausting and I like most SM artists, so I am a little glad Exo performed in the first part when I still had energy.

  3. Chanyeol is out in September. I think they still have time to release something by December before Kai has to enlist. They'll only be misssing Baekyun.

  4. This is what I am hoping for too, at the laaatest January but that is cutting too close to the time Kai won't be there. My other option is march/April next year including baekhyun but not Kai and Idk if Sehun (unless magically Kai enlists a bit later)

  5. The beginning shot with his dancers? That was funny ! I am so glad he has built this nice and close relationship with them. I guess travelling around the world makes that happen.

  6. i think the results make sense given it's teens who voted, if people in their 20s or even just millennials in general would voting you'd expect to see tvxq and shinee at the very least if not super junior as well

  7. Hey! Thank you a lot for sharing the links!

  8. Nothing but the uttermost affection and love for this group.

  9. I thought it was for Suho's album/mini, but since he made it sounds like they still haven't advanced much in that...could it be some sort of group surprise?

  10. I don't think there is a festival pattern, I've been to festivals and usually a big name always gets announced in the first bunch. I've also been to festivals in which they announced the full line up, and then sold the tickets. I have never seen any festival announcing a big act like Kai, when they knew there weren't enough tickets to satisfy an Exo member demand. It's still Exo, tickets for their shows are and have always been war. What I think is, they could have speed up the announcements for artists knowing the tickets were scarce and they had an Exo member performing there.

  11. Yeah.. really sorry for releasing the ios version first.. Will be back with Android release :)

  12. Hahahaha, no problem. Thanks for planning an android release.

  13. Same. I walked here to congratulate the winners and had to double check the website name.

  14. I don't think they are mistreated, as there is no evidence there is any abuse going on.

  15. I find this very funny, maybe I am the only one? The number of people in the picture with a : / face is way bigger than the ones smiling so I am guessing it was just really hot and uncomfortable.

  16. They did a comic book with pages included in the album for power by exo but it was quite self-contained to exo themselves and their concept. They could do something similar though.

  17. And they ended it with a "TBC". I do hope it will happen one day.

  18. I feel like key should have closed the show. The performance was amazing and the ending of bad love ends with such a great impact, so it's perfect to end with it.

  19. Me, and the rest of the people I watched it with, thought exactly the same. He ended the show so perfectly that NCT would have had to burn the stage to over perform Bad Love.

  20. All of them probably. To a bigger or a lesser degree.

  21. Nobody has different sign dates all their contracts expire on the same day

  22. Really? I thought different enlistments meant different pauses in their contract and by extension different dates of renewal. Probably wrong information on my behalf then

  23. It grew on me a lot more than the first time listening.

  24. I took a long break from 2012 until 2020, and my biggest surprise was how popular it got during the years I was out.

  25. Well I am happy that Kai is defending the team , also I trust Kai blindly in that he will present an amazing song and performance.

  26. Awn he is so cute. So glad he finally got how to use the knit ... cap?

  27. Based on the groups I listen to more often,

  28. I am trying to be positive, and think that this is for the album and they really had no time to intervene more, and maybe we will get a Kai performance for the concert, and about 5 seconds in the SM artist song.

  29. That’s mostly what it’s going to be. I’m really done seeing bitterness all over my timeline every single day.

  30. I can relate to being tired of that bitterness. Twitter makes liking a group a really sad experience.

  31. Yeah it doesn't have to be as bad as many fans think it is. And it probably saves them a lot of fighting in between members. But also many groups start sharing the same apartment so at times I think the way this relationship evolves is like "college roommates who evolve into coworkers" once they move out of the dorms.

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