1. The entire post match thread bitching about barca players last time. Spain was shit today until those 3 came in.

  2. It was unfair to blame the players. Winning in La Romareda is like fighting against black magic. Nothing they could do.

  3. Valencia is the OG cani region. Apart from paella, the first things that come to mind are canis, 1992 Seat Ibizas, ecstasy, corruption and lots of village festivals. Valencians also love their café licor in my experience.

  4. Although Cafe licor is Huge in Alcoy and Gandia, in the rest of la Comunitat is not the big of a deal.

  5. I'd say it's big in the Castellón province as well. Every time I cross the border from Teruel it suddenly becomes a common feature in loads of bars.

  6. Como otros han dicho, no es tan simple. Los seres humanos tendemos a categorizar cosas, incluso cuando esas categorías no son del todo completas. No es que conceptos como gay o bisexual no aporten mucho, pero la sexualidad tiene una amplia zona gris que muchas veces no se tiene en cuenta.

  7. If you go onto subreddits like CombatFootage, whenever theres a video of Americans getting killed, some people in the comments get so surprised, as if Americans are immune to dying in war.

  8. The one thing I've noticed about Combat Footage is that when a non-american soldier gets killed the comments are like "LMAO, SUCKER GOT SMOKED" and when it's an American soldier that gets killed then they bring out the "war is bad" comments.

  9. Lmao he's illustrated how the penal code works but because you don't want to lose the argument you're focusing on the part where he corrects your translation of falta because he's absolutely disproved the vast majority of your points.

  10. There would be nothing more frustrating than correcting Reddit's takes on Latin America. Props to the ones who try (and get downvoted to Hell). We all know they mostly see us as poor, violent, and chaotic on one hand, but funny, vibrant, and sunny on the other. Sometimes they use our politics to dunk on the US, but if they knew the context, they would know how dumb it looks.

  11. Pseudo-intellectualism is the name of the game on Reddit. People will pick up on a bunch of buzzwords and repeat them until they are so worn out that they almost become a meme.

  12. I'd say in a ranking it would go Mexico first, Cuba second and Perú third.

  13. How a individual manages to kill 100 people without being noticed/caught? It looks like police didnt even tried at this one

  14. If you target people marginalised by society, you can get away with a lot because people are crap and won't care.

  15. Every time history or current events comes up on this sub the comments are a painful reminder of how this place is mostly terminally online edgy European and American teenagers.

  16. I just played Entropy Zero 2 (free mod on Steam) and I now class it as Ep 3, even though it's from the perspective of the Combine

  17. Probably the only spanish speaking leagues safe of manos negras are te spaniards... and i dont know... real madrid and barcelona looks like the ultimates users of manos negras

  18. Ironically enough, the last team I remember getting accused of match fixing was the one I support, Real Zaragoza.

  19. no way, considering that immigrants make almost the 10% of the country and that would mean that almost every immigrant cant speak spanish

  20. The vast majority of people from Galicia, Catalonia and the Basque Country can speak Spanish. It's their choice if they want to use it or not.

  21. There's a rising wave of evangelicals meddling with Brazilian politics and they're not stopping any time soon. My own sister is running for office at the moment and she's a charming young evangelical woman who blindly follows Bolsonaro no matter what. Lula may win but Brazil is still at high risk of a far-right Christian take over.

  22. Didn't a criminal organisation just straight up adopt Evangelical Christianity as their "official" religion?

  23. IURD? They didn't adopt it, they are your standard grifting mega-church.

  24. No no, I'm talking about actual drug gangs, the style of CV or PCC.

  25. Isn't it usually the other way around? Like in American Assassin, the protagonist and his girlfriend are supposedly on vacations in Spain but they show a beach surrounded by jungle and all the extras who speak in Spanish have Colombian accents. Or Danny Trejo getting cast to play Magellan, a Portuguese dude.

  26. For anyone who doesn't already know, Enoch is part of a family who

  27. En mi facultad normalmente no dábamos clase los viernes pero por el Covid-19 se empezó a dar clase ese día.

  28. Who likes the brits in europe? Honest question

  29. The Dutch seem to get along well with them in my experience.

  30. Me disculpo nuevamente por la chapa que estoy dando, pero me apasiona hablar de derecho y me encanta encontrar a gente interesada en tener un debate serio y sosegado.

  31. Mucha gente no entiende el concepto de rehabilitación. En mi experiencia, como estudiante de Derecho, una cantidad increíble de personas, tanto de derechas como de izquierdas, inmediatamente acuden al concepto de venganza cuando sale algún tema de estos en una conversación, y muchas veces incluso no se dan cuenta.

  32. "A teenager in a tracksuit looked at me funny. We should take his parents social welfare."

  33. There's definitely asshole teenagers out there that can be total cunts, but I'm my experience there's always a subset of adults that will just take issue with teenagers literally existing. Like common a group of lads hanging out on the street being a bit loud isn't a crime.

  34. Fuck, I hate the "two right wing parties" bullshit. It's pretty much predicated entirely around the healthcare debate. I'd like to see how many European parties share the Democrats' positions on social positions such as immigration, LGBTQ+ rights, combating racism against all racial minority groups (that includes Arabs and Romani), etc.

  35. It's a bit of a spectrum for me. People like Bernie or AOC would be firmly within the left in my country, but people like Hillary or Biden would probably fall on center right.

  36. Can we have one, only ONE post about Argentina without the Brits coming out of the woodwork to beat the same dead horse over and over again? We are here to enjoy the picture of young students playfully learning about geography. Keep the nationalist comments to yourself, and go choke on a knob, mate.

  37. My absolute favourite was a Spanish map that appeared here with the Falklands labelled as "Islas Malvinas" (their name in Spanish) and some dude started ranting about how this was somehow in support of the Argentinian claim and how they should be labelled "Islas Falkland". Like yeah, many languages refer to München as Munich and that doesn't mean they want to invade Germany.

  38. The same for Spain. I think he is confusing dialects for languages.

  39. There was some controversy back in the day with the relationship between accents and class perception. It was impossible to be a news presenter back in the day if you spoke dialects like the Andalusian or Canarian one, and you wouldn't see people with "low class" accents like the working class Madrid accents either. Either you learnt to speak with a neutral Castillian accent or it was a no-go.

  40. New Zealand men? As in, who could vote before? The usual Progression seems to have been turned around by the Kiwis

  41. Before male suffrage most countries had censitary suffrage, which basically ties your voting rights to how rich you are or your ownership of property.

  42. Nowadays it's "cool" to be latino so they call themselves latinos.

  43. I've literally never met anyone that called themselves Latino. Go back to hating us for colonization instead of this made up bs that might happen once every blue moon.

  44. Look on TikTok. I always see something along the lines of "You're not Latino, we are Latins and you are HispanoAmericanos"

  45. I'm sure it's tiring, but it's Tik Tok, it's not reflective of real life. I can guarantee you I'll find a latino on Tik Tok saying equally stupid shit. That doesn't mean I'll assume a large number of latinos think like that.

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