1. Yes we're still using that joke. And we shall continue using it until such time it isn't true.

  2. Nah some of these maps were genuinely fun to play

  3. Great! Who's going to make and distribute them for free? Slaves? Robots? ....?

  4. The owner of the facilities, be that a private business owner or a local council, will purchase them and distribute them to said facilities. The manufacturers will still make their money and pay their workers.

  5. Out of the pocket of the English taxpayer.

  6. Condoms are available for free from most, if not all, healthcare related establishments in every corner of the UK.

  7. It's important to note that Mason's most recent combat experience was that of the late Cold War era. By the time Soap had passed selection in the 2010s, the playbook had been rewritten several times, especially by the SAS.

  8. ... get's back at scrolling Reddit, munching on chips and sipping milkshake, at the safe comfort of his airconditioned room.

  9. And are you typing this from your foxhole? Days into waiting, PKM at the ready to ambush an oncoming patrol of Russian soldiers?

  10. And the campaign mission where you blow up the dam.

  11. I suppose the virtual funni will have to do for now

  12. "Because they were British blacks" do these people not realise there are black people in the UK?

  13. And why would Irish Irish in Ireland be British blacks? Why would Irish be less racist because English people in England were racist to Irish in a country they never went to generations before they were born?

  14. Because a lot of people these days fall hard for the "sins of the father" rhetoric without even realising it, and it taints their views of entire ethnic and social groups. They believe that the people of the Republic of Ireland are still oppressed by the UK, and whilst that may be true for many international dynamics across the world, the UK and Ireland isn't a fitting example.

  15. The Russians were minding their own damned business before Agolf Bitchler decided to break the non aggression pact.

  16. That’s all they could do. It was lesser evil to not allow Germany take whole Poland.

  17. That in no way justifies that or the USSR's attempt to join the axis.

  18. The countries having their land stolen. The Russians poison their own on our soil.

  19. Both were absolutely terrible. The soviets killed more of their own than the Germans for fucks sake.

  20. I don't think I made my point clear.

  21. To be fair the whole Clean House mission was based on CTSFO raid and IW actually modelled the 22SAS uniforms, weapons and equipment after the CTSFO gear because they mixed them up with the 22SAS. So there are already police uniforms for soldiers in the game. Not to mention later on the devs added skins named CTSFO or even the Balkan Special ATU (based on the Serbian CAJ) which are law enforcement units.

  22. 22 SAS does conduct activities in the same vein as Clean House, they've been seen on-site carrying out raids in Manchester, London and more recently Liverpool in the wake of terrorist incidents. Also I'd argue the (albeit still incorrect) visual depiction of 22 is closer to what they were running in the late 2000s, during that awkward phase where they had Crye base layers but still had the bulkier plate carriers.

  23. In MW2 the Russians invade from the East Coast. If you are looking for logic then that game wasn't it hahaha

  24. With what we now know of Russia's military capabilities, the premise of the entire MW series is now somewhat comedic

  25. Not trying to get too political here but it’s not the people’s fault. Just a terribly corrupt leader. I’m sure your country has committed genocide too. Take the UK for example, killing natives and colonising hundreds of countries. Or the US with their atrocities against native Americans and the ongoing battle for equality for African Americans. Stop pretending like Russia is the only one doing terrible things

  26. *the UK. The other components of the Union are just as guilty.

  27. And what right have you to determine what defines a "true Scotsman"?

  28. Well it’s in the name - any national of any country would never have their nationality be misconstrued . And they most definitely would not worship a foreign queen . Smacks of a turncoat to be honest

  29. The entire island of Great Britain was ruled by a single, combined monarchy (originally the Scottish monarchy) for over a century before the Act of the Union was passed. There is no "foreign" queen ruling over any corner of this fair isle.

  30. I hope you keep that same energy up for Christianity who also has homophobic scripture

  31. You’d be surprised. The Royal Navy is a very well trained and equipped force. All they need is Australia or the US to give base access (which I believe they have already).

  32. Bring back the Two Power Standard.

  33. I mean the UK can certainly try again and we will see how it goes for them

  34. Yes on this week's news "Settler in stolen land calls out settler on stolen land"

  35. Congratulations, you just summed up history.

  36. Trooper is also the SAS' equivalent to a private

  37. Does the UK not have some kind of equivalent to the Posse Comitatus Act? I get why you'd went them for a counter terror op, but in the states we'd have to deploy a federal police counter-terrorism unit, like the FBI's HRT, or some kind of secret-squirrel NSA or DHS unit. Legally, it's not like we could send in DEVGRU or Delta, especially if any of the terrorists were American citizens. I was under the impression that the SAS was a pure military unit, not some kind of gendarmerie.

  38. The UK appears to be the training hub for Ukrainian. I would have expected Germany or another closer nation but as long as Ukraine is benefiting I am all for it.

  39. We were likely jumping at the chance. We remember Salisbury, and we want the Russians to remember this.

  40. Ironically enough, a great deal of the training is likely to take place on Salisbury Plain!

  41. One should always ensure they take appropriate control of a weapon should they come into possession of one.

  42. You're aware the sending weapons to Ukraine does not preclude also sending weapons to Russia?

  43. I am fairly confident that the Brits are entirely competent too.

  44. You don't gain the second most military victories and largest empire in history by not knowing how to fight in all conditions.

  45. The british paid to have those early ports built to establish strong trade routes; Singapore took over from there after WW2.

  46. Hush, that doesn't fit the narrative

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