1. Good quality for the price. If you’re thinking of getting one, I’d say go for it.

  2. Would you say Tissot or orient has a better quality to dollar ratio?

  3. Debating a Tissot PR100 or Gentleman (quartz versions) or should I go with something similar from Orient (automatic)?

  4. If u can ride it with no hands still then it’s good. If it won’t stay straight anymore with no hands then it’s concerning

  5. I didn’t know Cole field house had a bike shop? That’s awesome! I’ll definitely check it out !

  6. You can rent a bike for the rest of the semester for $75 or less if you ask since it’s after the halfway point. They just got new ones so it’ll be a great opportunity to experience what a brand new bike will be like

  7. My front ring is a 40T and I think my rear cassette is a 11-42T? I only see 42T on the last largest ring. Also running the SRAM Rival CX1.

  8. GRX comes with a 40T, wolftooth makes I think a 44 iirc. Check Sheldon browns gear calculator to see what your speeds will be and if that’s satisfactory to you

  9. I think I’m going to keep the 1x but for road make it a 50T front and 11-28T cassette.

  10. SRAMs new road group set is 1x anyways

  11. DOTS is doing a bicycle recycle sale in about a month or so where they sell impounded bikes that the recwell shop fixes up

  12. I go to UMD and being from the northeast I originally didn’t know what to think, since it’s north of DC which I don’t consider to be South. Then I went to the actual south. Maryland is not the south.

  13. Really? I went there recently and the chicken sandwich was sooooo disappointing

  14. I’ve probably had every meal on the menu at this point, not all are created equal, but those that are good are very good.

  15. I have the exact same frame painted differently. I have a front brake on mine though I would recommend

  16. I have the same microwave… doesn’t deal well with forks.

  17. This happens on a $5000 bike too it’s just a 1x quirk

  18. You can get paper checks until the DD starts to work

  19. The MOMI has the worst staff I’ve ever experienced

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