1. Joe Biden likes to pretend he is a helpless baby when it comes to tragedies plaguing the very nation he now runs.

  2. Joe Biden didn’t appoint these 3 justices, and there aren’t any vacancies on the Court right now, so what do you think he should do?

  3. we held them to 19. Our offense shat the bed though. I will say I couldn't believe how well Burrow handled all the pressure we had on him all night. He really does deserve the nickname joe cool. It's just demoralizing to get sacks all night and their QB doesn't even blink. and then he keeps being handed the ball over and over

  4. Excuse me, sir, but Joe Cool was Ravens legend and Elite Dragon Joe Flacco’s nickname first

  5. He is aging though. Every single minute

  6. I was curious who else was attending since I knew our TE Brevin Jordan was going. Here’s the list:

  7. How are the Ravens not here, we signed 26 tight ends

  8. If she’d been in “Morbius,” she’d have really cemented her status as a star

  9. I preferred her in The Boat that Won’t Stop

  10. Remember when a Democrat caned the fuck out of someone on the floor of Congress? Preston Brooks remembers.

  11. Preston Brooks was a piece of shit though

  12. If only someone could have done something to prevent this

  13. Of course he does, because, you see—he is a knave and a varlet, and married to a traitor

  14. Great use of time and energy

  15. So we all agree that the logical choice is only gay sex?

  16. I mean, this is reality in much of the US now, as of today.

  17. Not in 2016 we didn’t. After which three justices were appointed.

  18. Then they should get out and vote for Democrats this fall. It’s do or die now.

  19. Why the fuck to the Democrats think anyone cares about the fact that they lied?! Of course they lied. Focus on the present problem.

  20. The Michael Collins playbook—very effective

  21. you’re right, theres more like 600 million people anticipating the rerelease of this film. Morbius will be a global phenomenon! Sony what are you waiting for?

  22. They need to rerelease this. They rereleased it during a bad week for everyone, we’re free now

  23. What’s this picture from, then?

  24. Yeah, because it’s an amazing movie

  25. On the one hand, The Good Dinosaur* was an unfortunate flop that had beautiful, and I mean beautiful scenery that seems to have been the focus of their development for the technology of the film, and should be used more.

  26. As someone who has watched toy story 1-3 at least 6 times in the last two weeks I agree agree with this. It’s got the same format - start in the toy room - go on adventure in the outside world- falling out between some toys- get back together to save the day and get back to Andy. That being said my son rewatches the movies over and over but never 4. It never gets a look on. Absolutely trash. We will go see light year cause to be honest- anything Pixar rolls out, my son is exited to see.

  27. Agree with this. Toy Story 4 sucks.

  28. Anyone that went to UB law in the last 10 years knows what a creepy weirdo Thiru is. Always surrounding himself with pretty talented and impressionable young white women.

  29. This is absolutely a false charge.

  30. Between a rock and a hard place

  31. This absolutely could have happened, ya dunce.

  32. I wish to god the mods would block these AI posts. They are relentlessly boring

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