1. I will lick your whole body and fuck you against the wall and make a painting on your boobs with my white liquid my bitch

  2. Will pull that hair and fuck you hard in doggy style 😘

  3. Ohh yeah baby, suck my cock like a slut

  4. Why there is no shared auto running in common routes in Bangalore ?

  5. Let it fall, the more you notice it the more you will be stressed, more you are stressed more it will fall. And remember your hair is not what defines you. Even if you go bald you will be the same beautiful person as you are rn.

  6. Treat her the same way you used to treat her. She's the same person. This shouldn't change anything between you guys. Also, don't go overboard with the "YEAH I SUPPORT YOU #PRIDE" lol.

  7. Are you sure, or, are you merely assuming that she is a lesbian?

  8. She told me about it, I am not assuming anything.

  9. What did you expect ? If you are sitting there and not having drinks you are blocking the space for someone who might come and order drinks ( which are expensive than wings ) then why should they allow you to sit !! If they just let everyone sit nd have whatever they want they could have opened a restaurant instead of a bar.

  10. On top of asking veg or non veg, I was also asked what caste I am

  11. Ok bhai, fir apni girlfriend ko mg road le ja

  12. I went to Chianti last Sunday with my new girlfriend, it was my first time in a Italian restaurant and boibI wasn't able to pronounce even a single item on the menu. Embarrassment level 1000, but I said the waiter I want this and this ( pointing towards the item in the menu ) and he understood and smiled and brought the order and even bought some complimentary bread.

  13. Haha. Cant disclose. What if you pull my move and revoke the privileges. Clue: its in HSR

  14. How many prostitutes do you meet a month?

  15. It entirely depends on your diet. I know people are putting out figures there but.. it’d def help if we could get an idea of what your actual consumption is, for instance, when you say breakfast… are you talking Idli and Dosa or Avocado on toast? If you’re planning to shift to a 1BHK, the area matters a ton. Indiranagar is significantly more expensive than say Yelahanka. There are hacks for food, bunch of stores, markets, apps that provide legit organic veggies at a discounted rate. Your utilities can vary depending on usage, I wouldn’t put it beyond say 1.5k max.

  16. I am a vegetarian, for breakfast I wud mostly eat oats. For dinner I wud eat chapati with a sabzi or daal, soemdays rice dal. Lunch is in office. I don't drink chai/coffee often so milk consumption will be less.

  17. I can't open Google Pay app on my Gen 6 in India. Anyone else facing same issue India ?

  18. Soon she will find someone and/or get married, leaving you wondering what if you had mastered up the courage to speak to her. All of us are gonna be dead in 30-40-50 years. It won't matter anyways. Go ahead, ask her out.

  19. How's your day, could be a good start. Most people love or hate their jobs so you'd have something to talk about. Then there are the where are you from, how long have you been here, etc., kinda questions. Then the hobbies, movies, tv, books, etc., topics.

  20. Cooking for one is a pain but I'd mastered the art because used to live in a hostel and have some diet/health limitations.

  21. This is happening in all parts of Bangalore. A family comes up saying they are from Maharashtra and someone cheated them on the name of job and now they are gone. And they ask for money.

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