1. He only busted a nut bro. He ain't out there killing babies. Like... Bro seriously ppl need to chillax a bit

  2. yeah you know it’s really no big deal i mean who cares if the people being jerked off to don’t want to be sexualized it’s not like their opinion matters as long as someone gets to bust a nut. it’s just porn based off of real people who do not want pornographic content made of them. and surely no one else will seek out this type of content now that they know it exists and this definitely has no chance of becoming a reoccurring problem.

  3. Could this be the reason why my 3050 ti laptop Can only run slidurs vibrant shaders at only 40-50 fps

  4. if you have 8gb total ram then thats probably your issue, i'm not sure what sildurs requirements are but most shaders require 4-6 gb of ram allocated just for them in order to run smoothly.

  5. All the people who are bad pet owners coincidentally have the same taste in dog breeds?

  6. when the breed in question has generally been bred or bought by people looking to use it solely for the purpose of fighting, yes

  7. I'm sure they'd lower at least the monthly subscriptions after our currency has gone more stable. It's extra bad right now since we also have an election going on rn. I'm unsure about SC prices dropping again since yes, it's still a company and companies are greedy, but I'm 90% sure the subscription will drop again as it isn't a good business move to keep it this high in the long run.

  8. logistically i agree with you but also you have to think for a moment: in the last 5 or so years when has sso ever made good business moves that also happen to benefit the consumer?

  9. Ahaha no please don't transition you're so pretty haha

  10. you don’t have to get the surgery. cant you just wear a strap on?

  11. 30 hours in and i’ve played the whole time without a shirt

  12. He gets a few shades darker in the winter. He's also kind of a fat ass now but he still breaks level trotting in the field. Maybe I just have a hard time reconciling the picture in harness to the overweight, belligerent little shitbird terrorizing my pasture 😆

  13. i think there’s a chance it’s a different horse, but it might just be the change from going from showing to non showing as the comment above said. honestly, i’d say each of these photos looks like a different horse; if you’re actively looking for something different then your brain is going to find it.

  14. this could be just me but i’ve only ever seen actual toxicity coming from that subreddit. obviously most of the negativity was directed to how rushed her death felt, and rightfully so, but some people were genuinely upset over how people were joking about her death and getting mad about people who liked venti and, for some reason, scaramouche.

  15. yes, and like i said i saw other comments explaining what happened.

  16. Yeah I'm amazed at how many people are claiming that they didn't know the "apache helicopter" meme was transphobic. This is what is so insidious about dog whistles, as soon as you point it out they go right to gaslighting you like "oh I didn't realize it could be interpreted that way. Sorry you're offended sweaty."

  17. i had only heard of it as a generic meme copypasta up until i learned more about it in ~2017. then i just stopped joking about it. it’s really not that fucking hard to do but even after learning it’s offensive some people just cannot stop clinging on to what’s already a horribly dead meme for some reason.

  18. i love the details on them. you can see how each individual scale sparkles a bit and the light reflecting off of them looks beautiful. overall it really looks like a lot of time went into them. the designs themselves are pretty mid though and i don’t think the normal horse coats are that redeeming either tbh.

  19. unless it’s a last minute change they’re at steves

  20. Star Stable was one of the only games that ran completely smoothly on my potato PC, and ever since it installed GameGuard there have been frequent FPS drops which hindered me a lot. Very glad they listened to the players and removed it.

  21. fyi you’re gonna have to get a rootkit remover if you want it completely gone.

  22. I think I saw people commenting that it has been taken off from the website, but I'm not 100% sure.

  23. it's still on the website. if it isn't showing up then that's a regional thing.

  24. half of my missions are clear dark mode stages in ch 12 and i’ve been stuck on 11-27 for like 3 months now

  25. /uj i think the majority of people saying they had a nazi phase really mean they essentially had an anti-sjw phase tbh. i feel like i had a “nazi phase” as a 12 year old but really i was just getting groomed by someone who happened to be a nazi and copied his behavior to an extent. i was a piece of shit of a kid but i never actually agreed with (or even paid attention to, for that matter) nazi ideology. i think a lot of people saying they had a nazi phase are just using it as a general term for “there was a period of time when i was really edgy during middle school.”

  26. When the Friesians jump they look like dolphins

  27. yet it’s somehow one of their best animations

  28. where.. where do you think you are?..

  29. what the hell are you even saying? would you rather they just release these bears into the wild with absolutely no medical care or a chance to learn how to live outside of captivity again and hope they don’t die off in a week?

  30. That's exactly what I mean by exploits and such lol. It isn't a "mod" in the form that it adds or changes content in the game, the things you're talking about are all programs meant to exploit the game.

  31. Oh... So what can I do? How can I accomplish this?..

  32. You don't need to involve yourself with exploits in order to do this, just read up on reverse engineering if you can't find anyone who could make you or teach you how to do this on your own. It's really your only option at this point.

  33. Another question is: What if the reason that only 2% of players are male lies exactly in this issue? What if there'd be 25% of players if the game marketed to kids of all genders equally? Sticking with “GIRLS!!!!!" keeps telling boys "you can play but... you're not really supposed to".

  34. Oh absolutely. The fact that they're still going to be a "girls only game" even with the new character models is incredibly concerning.

  35. So Google removed dislikes from Yt and then added a Chrome extension so more people use Chrome? What?

  36. google doesn't create chrome extensions

  37. I’m so glad that SSO has been stepping up their game with the weekly updates lately. Next month we’ll be getting new horses, an entire new championship, two new races and new quests! These are the kind of updates I expect from a game company with over 100 employees and I hope that it’ll only get better and better from now on

  38. its so nice when they dont need to put out a new horse for a month and actually have time to work on content

  39. surprisingly, "damn" is a bad word on SSO, I accidentally say it instead of changing it to "dang" because they allow that word instead, I also never got a chat ban because of it

  40. its funny considering in the quest where you meet Aaron Silverglade he refers to some random dog as a "damned rat"

  41. As soon as I get back control I will! I’m so mad at xem, xe won’t even let me play COD on the XBox 🤬

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