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  1. I know what you thinking; "what if she's on her period?" Well, if you look down here at tab 2...

  2. The Second Amendment has joined the game.

  3. But that’s what arcdodo is getting at. If the guy has an “ar pistol”, and a rifle stock in his possession (even if it’s from a different firearm) he can be charged with constructive intent. Arbitrary laws are arbitrary. #FuckTheNFA

  4. The SC would disagree. Mere possession of a short barrel upper and a lower with a stock does not equal constructive posession no matter how hard the ATF wishes.

  5. You lose your actual retirement pay... Like you could get some disability too and full retirement or you could get just VA disability.

  6. Any idea if MHS Genesis pulled all our data over?

  7. Some of my stuff went there and some didn't. Now, years later, I'm at another base that's still on tricareonline and found that none of the stuff from Genesis is there. It's maddening.

  8. CEOs dont care about watch game anymore. They're into large, fancy hats that smell like deli meats.

  9. Hey, I'm not supposed to get grease on my hat!

  10. That was the one thing that always broke immersion. His Range Rover always started...

  11. I'm the exact same day and I'm near Los Angeles where they arrive and get processed... So I figure l should get it pretty fast once l pay, but still no notification yet... I check my email like a crazed loony lol... So l figure we are still waiting on the boat to arrive in the Port of Los Angeles

  12. From what I've seen on the discord, it arrived today. So, sooooooon!

  13. do u have a discord link? I joined the official one but I didn’t see any messages, sorry I don’t use discord that much.

  14. It's in the #shipping channel of the official discord. It's no guarantee, just a guess, but a pretty good one.

  15. Better go talk to Carol up in HR.

  16. I feel bad for writers over at The Onion. In the last several years, they've had to really push the envelope of ridiculous as fuck for their satire articles.

  17. Don't feel bad. The Onion was sold a few years ago to a private equity firm and it's been a shell ever since.

  18. I had someone get into my Amazon account about 3 years ago. They used my account to purchase over 13 Chinese knockoff items for very small dollar amounts in the hopes I wouldn’t notice (I’m assuming). For example one was a 4 camera DVR system they used my account to purchase for $0.11. They then left raving 5 star broken English reviews for each item. I’d imagine this is a bigger issue than most people realize.

  19. Oh my god you guys, these are 5 amazing Amazon products you can't live without! Links in the description.

  20. Worse than just cheap knockoffs, it's the crap which is just a straight up scam. I remember a video popping up on YouTube a while back where someone bought and examined a dodgy scam hard drive - it was literally just an SD card in a metal casing encoded to read as a multi-terabyte drive and it would either A: simply not work or B: re-write your data as you filled up the few gb's you actually did have so it appeared as if the drive was accepting more data than it was. It was a straight up very intentional scam. Little while ago I was shopping for a new external hard drive on amazon and every second listing seemed to be one of those things. Drives claiming to be "12 TB SSDs" for ridiculously low prices, some were even the exact same model from the video.

  21. You literally cannot buy SD cards from Amazon. Every single one I've bought has been a fake. 10/10. I used to try every so often but not wasting time or money anymore.

  22. I wouldn’t call that a fat ass. Maybe average at best

  23. Hasn't gone through the filters and angles yet. You'll see the transformation.

  24. Like... what... how the fuck... do you even enforce that?

  25. Like you do to feral cats. Give their ear a little clip and send them on their way.

  26. I just replaced my 460 GTX with a $500 3080 from eBay...

  27. Look, it sucks. It sucks super hard. You have got to put that dog down. That dog is likely to kill or maul someone then have to be euthanized anyway.

  28. The court is too cucked to step in with a ruling that would actually change anything. Every 'game changing' ruling was tempered by the more establishment judges. How many actually second amendment cases have even been heard by the court in the past 30 years?! It's the only amendment they don't want to weigh in on, outside of the mega chad Thomas.

  29. This is the worst take. Why would you want the court to be constantly dicking with the Bill Of Rights? Heller, Mcdonald, Caetano, and Bruen are all wildly important. Each has made tremendous strides in ensuring your 2A rights are protected.

  30. So if 2500 people jumped off a bridge, you would too?

  31. No. But I'd certainly talk about it.

  32. Followed by: The cut in line at the store loophole, studies show inconsiderate people who cut in line, even once are 2% more likely to commit gun crimes.

  33. Cut in line? Gun crime, straight to jail. Chew with your mouth open? Violent act, straight to jail. Don't say "excuse me?" Sociopath, all rights revoked, straight to jail.

  34. An age old question, the answer to which you never know if it's a joke or not.

  35. The Miata top drains have been terrible since 1989 and I don't expect them to ever get better.

  36. Got mine in placer county California, 1 month 15 days total process. Was accepted a week and a half after interview date. Go do it while you can guys! Hardest part is getting the ball rolling.

  37. And the waiting and paying for it. It was still quite expensive for the class and the livescan and eventually the license. I couldn't even get mine because my 320 was registered with CADOJ as a "frame" with no technical caliber and the sheriff wouldn't accept that. So because of that delay, I'd have to do the whole process over again with another gun.

  38. Hell I once saw a tinder profile for a literal fish that was verified

  39. That's what they mean when they say there's other fish in the sea. How else is a fish supposed to find love?

  40. It could be plywood and glue, but that would be easier to cut. I guess it could be a metal lintel, but when people do weird crap it's usually to be lazy or cheap.

  41. All we had left in the garage was this tungsten girder, are you sure you want to use it?

  42. In the US it's called the HC 2350 which might help with your review search, but it was just released so that might explain the lack of reviews.

  43. This. In my city ½ mile can mean the difference between nice restaurants and store fronts, and crackheads.

  44. Half mile? Look at this bougie mfer

  45. Gotta go for the ear or just behind the eye from the side. It’s their skulls weak spot and the brain is fairly small so you’re only gonna hit it if you know to shoot right there. Shooting it in between the eyes, especially from a high angle, isn’t going to hit anything vital. And from head on it will probably ricochet off the thick part of their skull. I’ve even seen a vid of a 30-30 ricochet off a hog. Just gotta know where that vital spot is, same as any other kind of hunting.

  46. Christ almighty, that fucker didn't even fall down.

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