1. Un hombre solo tiene derecho de mirar a otro hacia abajo cuando tiene que ayudarlo a levantarse.

  2. Sí, de acuerdo, pero que tiene que ver eso con el tema?

  3. I support civilian lives on all 4 sides. But all 4 regimes are ugh...

  4. I mean, before I linked it - and there's nothing controversial about the article - I asked if people are not disturbed by dead children, which the article shows so i linked. It was already heavily doenvoted without the link, and if you read the responses they are exactly what I mentioned above - Nazi rethoric.

  5. Indeed, that place would explode if open to mainstream tourism.

  6. But then it would lose its authenticity

  7. Pretty sure serbia swings both ways, or well, whatever suits them, a country prioritising themselves doesnt mean theyre a puppet.

  8. I don't think the Serbian government prioritises its people.

  9. A mega bitch that has died recently knowing she left the world a worse place.

  10. I think "It's only okay when we do it" fits most if not all Balkan countries as well. USA is Balkan confirmed.

  11. In the case of US it's more about impugnity.

  12. That's an interesting YouTube channel.

  13. Just like your picture, hip hop and classical.

  14. This is the issue... A company makes $5b in revenue in 2021 it's considered a success... That same company makes $5b revenue in 2022 and it's considered a failing company and sees market collapse... The system is broken.

  15. Not really the case in Bulgaria. It's kind of both actually. This is probably more common for the landlocked Balkan countries like Serbia and Bosnia.

  16. Well it depends where you are. Sofia is not close to the coast and you don't have fast trains like Spain for example. So someone from Sofia may go on a holding for 10 days but the sea is not accessible for most in Bulgaria on a weekend basis as part of a beach lifestyle.

  17. I work as a constuction man. Let me tell you how fun it is to work outside while it's +40C.

  18. Puedes recomendar más videojuegos como este?

  19. These news are fake, Ukraine was the one that sent Macedonia tanks. But what else to expect from Greek City Times.

  20. Greek City Times is garbage? I didn't know, I don't read the magazine.

  21. nothing is guaranteed. Banning the opposition is the best way of securing that.

  22. You're absolutely right. Banning the opposition is always very dangerous, war or not. In fact, maybe the opposition has a better plan for stopping the bloodshed. I'm not saying that do, but why not hear them? It's horrifying how many people are dying.

  23. There's no innocent Nazi, that's an oxymoron. I'm sure you're right.

  24. Es que creo que a este tipo de tíos lo que les mola precisamente es el hecho de que NO sea voluntariamente, que es lo preocupante.

  25. Yo creo que lo comercializa de alguna manera, vendiendo los vídeos. De todos modos, se trata de una persona poco sana mentalmente.

  26. I personally never change money. I just draw from an atm , and sometimes I have to check various on the exchange rate and fees to get a better deal.

  27. Not really that popular in the region, but an amazing Turkish band worth checking out is Altin Gün

  28. Interesting, I'll check them out.

  29. Tugo, Nesrećo (Crvena jabuka) i have this song in my head when thinking about balkan songs

  30. If you go to some (not all reputable) reputable college, teaching the material is only half of the intent. The other half is to teach you to deal with learning rigorous material at intense pace so you come out as a competent problem solver. You're learning how to prove multivariate calculus theorems, learning data structures and algorithms, learning systems programming, computability theory, probability theory etc. You can learn more in 2 years than some other CS graduates do in 4. Web development becomes trivial once you go through rigor like that, that's the point.

  31. Yes, I understand that about the rigor. I was still wondering if its not too much, unless it's a review of prior knowledge, to put, for example, discrete mathematics, linear algebra, and calculus in the same subject in one semester. How does one with high school level mathematics deal with subjects that vast, overwhelming and complex, covered and assessed in such a short timeframe. Is it about the depth, only basic knowledge is required to pass? And then, if yes, is that basic knowledge sufficient to apply it?

  32. It depends on exactly what you mean by "Cadence"

  33. Thaks for explaining that, it's helpful. I was wondering about situations where the language has the same sounds, but still sounds different. For example, the same five vowel sounds and almost the same set of consonant sounds are found in Rioplatense and Mexican Spanish, with some very minor differences. Yet, what I am referring to cadence, is something that makes the two sound very different. I am probably not using the right term, but I perceive it as something that has a lot to do with rhythm and intonation. For example, Rioplatense sounds much more like Italian and is immediately recognisable for its cadence.

  34. Things were much different back then. Everyone had an amazing mustache. Good times.

  35. Which one is Serbia and which one Montenegro and how do we know?

  36. So it's much more complex than "Bulgaria stabbed everyone in the back"

  37. These were used in a music video by techno artist DJ Hell:

  38. Athens is usually seen as ugly, but it's Athens, with its Acropolis etc. And the city has a lot of charm and green areas.

  39. Wait Tito knew how to speak German?! How did I not know about this.

  40. Yes, he lived in Vienna for many years and was reading a lot.

  41. Interesting about similar Ataturk theory.

  42. Yoo i used to catch these little guys back in the day and put them in jars with dirt and stuff in it then feed them bugs and watch him eat it. Good times.

  43. They die within days? So, it was his great great great parents that immigrated to the Czech Republic. He's basically fourth generation Czech at least.

  44. Well the ones i catch and put in jars die within days probably because they were in jars lol. I was like 12 man. I did same thing with spiders. Put dirt and twigs in a jar and catch spiders and put them in there. They would make webs and i throw bugs in there and watch the spider go to work. Spiders lived but the lizards always died lol

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