John Fetterman wins Pennsylvania Senate race, defeating TV doctor Mehmet Oz and flipping key state for Democrats

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  1. Disappointingly, Labour leader Keir Starmer, who is heavily favoured to be the next Prime Minister after the next general election, opposes renegotiating a Brexit deal that allows freedom of movement, as well as a “Swiss-style” deal which would allow access to the single market.

  2. Labour got 61.2% of the vote, while the Conservatives only got 22.4%, representing a 13.8% swing from Tory to Labour from the previous election, and the worst result for the Conservatives for this seat since 1832. If this swing holds for the next general election, the Tories are going to be utterly decimated. So much for the honeymoon period for the new PM. It's a shame that Sunak would never call a general election until 2024 or January 2025, which is the latest possible date to hold a general election as required by law.

  3. Haha that’s true, but it’s important for people to realize that there was a huge right-wing fear-mongering campaign against the Workers Rights Amendment. Conservative groups funded by the ultrawealthy were screaming about how passing this amendment would raise taxes and make Illinois one of the unfriendliest states for business. They defeated an amendment in 2020 that would replace Illinois’s flat income tax with a progressive one.

  4. No other state constitution explicitly prohibits discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression. With the passage of this amendment, Nevada is set to be the very first state to do so. Thank you for standing up for equality, Nevada! Hopefully other states will follow your lead soon.

  5. And not just Illinois, she is the first Latina to represent any part of the Midwest in Congress!

  6. These are the new progressives heading to Congress that the article mentions:

  7. It turns out that young people like having their rights not being taken away from them, who would have guessed. If young voters keep on turning out like they did on Tuesday, then Republicans better watch out, because their days are numbered.

  8. Despite expectations of a “red wave”, Democrats absolutely killed it in state legislature elections. Democrats flipped both the Michigan House and Senate, winning a trifecta for the first time in four decades. They also flipped the Minnesota Senate, winning a trifecta there as well. And now they will most likely flip the Pennsylvania House from Republicans (they didn’t win the PA Senate because the most competitive elections weren’t up for election this year unfortunately). There’s even a chance that Democrats may even flip either chambers of the Arizona legislature, which would be a huge deal if Republicans try to overturn the election again in 2024.

  9. Will this allow them to stop gerrymandered districts?

  10. Michigan has an independent redistricting commission that draws maps, thanks to a 2018 ballot referendum. As a result, the current maps in Michigan are not gerrymandered, and they probably won’t be in the future unless the commission really fucks up.

  11. How do they make sure this commission isn't pressured/influenced?

  12. The commission is made up of Michigan citizens and has to have an equal number of Democrats and Republicans, and then it also needs a certain number of independents. And I believe that maps can only be approved with a certain amount of support by all three groups. Someone with more knowledge about the specifics of the commission could probably better answer your question than me.

  13. Thank God yesterday wasn’t a red wave. I guess that’s what happens when a partisan ultraconservative Supreme Court strips away a fundamental right that people have held for five decades. There’s still a chance (albeit small) that Democrats can still keep control of the House and then pass a federal abortion rights law. I’m holding out hope that this happens. The right to safely and legally have an abortion shouldn’t depend on what state you live in.

  14. Looks like the house is definitely going to Republicans. There will be no gigantic democratic initiatives for the remainder of this term.

  15. The House isn’t “definitely” going to Republicans. Even election pundits like David Wasserman are saying that

  16. Yes, Lindsey, that’s what happens when a partisan illegitimate Supreme Court strips away a fundamental right that people have held for five decades. People get angry.

  17. YES THANK YOU PENNSYLVANIA. You all showed up!! Fetterman will be my favorite Senator in Congress now. Oz can move back to New Jersey and hopefully fade away into obscurity now.

  18. Thank God, she won over that far-right “abortion should be illegal in all cases” extremist, and it looks like the voting rights and abortion rights ballot measures will both pass in Michigan as well!

  19. Fetterman is currently outrunning Biden's margins in rural PA counties, and he has a huge lead in Philly and Pittsburgh, where there are still a lot of votes left to be counted (only ~30% of the vote in Philadelphia County have been counted). Fetterman is going to pull off the win, I can feel it. I hope I'm not wrong.

  20. He's a solid progressive too! He's a gun reform activist and an organizer for March For Our Lives who was endorsed by figures like Bernie Sanders. Always happy to see more perspectives and voices in Congress from people who aren't old white men.

  21. Apparently wanting a Congress that is actually representative of the people in this country instead of being dominated by a single demographic is racist now.

  22. I wonder why she wants to throw out absentee ballots only from Detroit? 🤔 The GOP can’t even pretend that they don’t want votes from black voters to count.

  23. I didn’t write the title of the article, so don’t shoot the messenger, but yes, it should say insurrection rather than riot. Pennsylvania, please don’t let me down tomorrow. Elect Fetterman over the celebrity snake oil salesman.

  24. Here are the actual results of the poll, since they aren’t in the article:

  25. Some will say “too little, too late,” and they’d probably be right. Others will say “Oprah has platformed too many quacks, grifters, and just overall shitty people,” and they’d be right about that too. But despite all this, Oprah still has a pretty big impact in America, so this endorsement is a big deal, especially since it’s her fault that we’re stuck with Dr. Oz in the first place. I’m just glad that she finally made the right decision, even if her rejection of Oz is long overdue.

  26. While her endorsement of Fetterman over Oz is the biggest story, given that Oz only had a platform in the first place because of her, she also made other endorsements, and they all are for Democrats in key races:

  27. While it's technically because of her that Dr. Oz even has a platform to begin with, I'm glad that she's making the right decision and endorsing John Fetterman in this pivotal election. Fetterman must win next Tuesday over the quack celebrity doctor.

  28. Fetterman would be one of my absolute favorite Senators if he wins next week. The fact that the race is this close with a scam artist quack of a celebrity doctor is depressing. But I still think Fetterman will pull off the win. Pennsylvania, please don't disappoint me...

  29. It angers me that so many voters have this misguided view that Republicans and conservatives are somehow better at managing the economy. Democrats need to stress the fact that the GOP is the party of the wealthy and large corporations, and their worship of trickle-down economics would be disastrous for America. And the GOP is literally admitting that they're planning to hold the debt ceiling hostage if they win control of the House.

  30. They're not finished counting on Greenland.

  31. That’s true, but it’s nearly guaranteed that the two Greenland seats will go to Siumut and Inuit Ataqatigiit (or Siumut could win both seats). Both parties are center-left/left-wing and would support the left bloc in the Folketing. That’s why most outlets have been assuming that the two Greenland seats would go to the left bloc.

  32. The most interesting fact is that the potential center-left government will have a 1-seat majority thanks to the 3 MPs (out of the 4) from Faroe Islands and Greenland who support them. Given that Faroe and Greenland have 2 seats each (which means that these 4 MPs get elected by a far smaller number of people than the 175 others), essentially the government has a majority of votes without having a majority of votes, thanks to the system in place to ensure representation for Faroe and Greenland.

  33. Just like how in the US, Republicans can win the presidency and the Senate despite losing the popular vote by a substantial margin. At least Denmark’s Folketing is roughly proportional, unlike the US, where the institutions are inherently unfair.

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