1. The max I’m willing to spend is 5k! I’m a beginner so even a drugstore type would work as long as it’s pigmented and gets the job done :’)

  2. Lovely sketch, but this is a spoiler.

  3. Guys Milani online is soon gonna be a Nykaa exclusive so grab all these offers while you can...all the other platforms are in stock liquidation mode. Enjoy.

  4. So is HOKMakeup gonna stop selling it on their platform as well? They're the primary distributors for Milani as far as I'm aware...

  5. Please mention which city and/or promotion/coupon to apply, then I'll approve the post.

  6. Looks like an amalgamation of MR and WnW

  7. Nope, I don't vibe with Benefit's products but they definitely are great quality.

  8. Where'd you get the Kikumasamune lotion from?

  9. Would love a guide to everything tbh…

  10. Camille could add to the several moral questions posed by the series.

  11. The problem with this story is not in the AI - the image that was circulated could just as easily have been made over the last couple decades via Photoshop. There was nothing special about the image. The bigger issue is that with Twitter's new verification rules, illegitimate sources can be verified as legitimate, causing confusion.

  12. +1, Very valid points on the ethics of circulating incorrect information.

  13. That is a very good question I was wondering if someone would ask.

  14. Is the Iksu one a liquid lipstick or bullet? Also where'd you get it from?

  15. This is so nice! Would you mind sharing your plugins and theme?

  16. I might be wrong, but I think I’ve seen someone confirm that these have talc in the formula..

  17. Bro I got the 125ml one in ₹25 from local shop T^T

  18. This aint a facepalm....its a kid exploring ideas. Fair play to.them :)

  19. Exactly, and it's not an unreasonable train of thought; Just needs rerouting...

  20. Thanks for this post, I had the exact same question.

  21. A really apt article. I too think the essence of Quiet Luxury (some

  22. I think when it comes to "quiet luxury" we are looking for items that aren't screaming a brand's name and are luxurious, fashionable pieces that only those who know would be able to identify. With Indian wear, this is the case. If I see a woman walk in a Banarasi Saree, I will identify it as a Banarasi saree, not specifically that of Ekaya or Nalli Or any showroom she got it from. That's the thing about "quiet luxury" in India- it isn't exactly quiet because we can identify based on the material how expensive it must have been. Yet, we aren't parading around with the brand name printed in bold across our clothes and accessories, unless we have bought stuff from these French and Italian luxury fashion houses.

  23. Totally agree with your observation!

  24. What a bummer, do make a call to their customer support.

  25. OP do you have the link to the eligible products for the coupons?

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