1. What the actual fuck? How can apple sue you if one of your characters uses an iPhone?on what basis are these corporations getting to do all this?

  2. Because Detective Conan is an anime, and it's way easier to draw a knife without a brand on it than to forge a knife from scratch just so you can avoid using a branded knife.

  3. Isn't it mostly just American media that has the ALL THE BLOOD, BUT NO NIPPLES vibe?

  4. No, not really. Japan has silly censorship laws on porn but is pretty chill with violence.

  5. It's either health concerns, the author wanting more time to flesh out the climax of the arc by looking over their notes and doing more research to see how to end it in a satisfying way, or just plain taking a break.

  6. I know, it was a joke since the MC is reincarnated back into our world instead of a fantasy world, so it's got isekai elements without being one, hence my comment

  7. While we're at it, the ones in Dragonspine react to Cryo instead of Anemo.

  8. A mistake going around, which includes misuse of this word, is the applying of arguments from discussions of Western racism to a situation rooted in Asian colorism. These are two independent phenomena (though the latter has been affected by the former in more recent history) and require different ways of talking about them.

  9. Colorism. Now that makes more sense to me, experience-wise, than racism. I either didn't know, or probably forgot the term exists because it always gets misconstrued as racism.

  10. I'm so confused. It's worse that they take lore bits from these cultures and then don't add POC? It's worse that they're nailing the music and the names and all the references but they're not adding the humans that make those cultures. Characterisation gets shat on by different people regardless of culture? It's not a reason to not add more coloured characters? No one is currently arguing about Dehya or Cyno.

  11. Then you should also understand that we Asians don't really make a big deal of skin color in general. Not as much as in the west anyway.

  12. "we Asians don't really make a big deal of skin colour in general." Wow look at all the internalisation over here. People do make a big deal out of it btw, an entire generation of people ARE caring about it, that's why this topic even came up.

  13. Do note that I also said, "Not as much as the west". At the very least, not right now from my experience. Perhaps the sentiment will become stronger later on. Perhaps it will get weaker. Only time will tell.

  14. I agree with everyone that this is likely not how it would go in reality, but I'm going to have a thought experiment for why this scenario might happen. Simply because I have too many words.

  15. Interesting. As for me, the possible history I constructed is that the girl had a bad experience with men in the past. Perhaps a bad break-up, or a broken family (or befriending a bad crowd as you said).

  16. Spica's got places to be and buttholes to kiss. She ain't got time for that tsundere bullshit.

  17. But like in the case of this specific Reddit submission, the link is literally a Mangadex chapter read through the Cubari interface as an intermediary. That's what's puzzling.

  18. Mangadex was down for months. And in those months people used Cubari as their go-to reader. So it's not too much of a stretch to think that some of them prefer the Cubari reader over Mangadex's own.

  19. Solitar's explanation on the inherent difference in their brains composition, linked to the visualization principle behind magick in general, was another neat peace of the lore to add to the series. It makes sense that there is a limit to how one can emulate the spells from a different being when it deals with their inherent traits. It brings an interesting perspective to Macht's quest for coexistence, in that he is able to use human magick which is rare for demons, in a way reflecting his quest for some mutual ground.

  20. Suppressing mana doesn't reduce her power at all; or anyone's for that matter. It's made very clear in the manga that the reason the demons don't do it is just for social status.

  21. Uh, it does actually, especially if your spell output can make full use of it. And do remember that Frieren (and Fern) stick to basic spells most of the time, so they can definitely use stronger spells.

  22. She should have just gone to her past self and told her to be honest about her feelings, or maybe that would've created a paradox?

  23. Funnily enough, I read a manga with this exact synopsis in a certain cultured site.

  24. Does she do it through judicial application of overwhelming force like Nanoha? XD

  25. I knew she was gonna be someone important to the plot when I saw she was wearing the stereotypical “I’m a rich famous woman trying not to be recognized in public” outfit in the mall.

  26. Her carrying the things she bought had a bigger impression on me. Normally, someone in her position would leave it to her aide/escort, but she was actually carrying a pretty tall stack.

  27. yeah, unfortunately people will treat collei’s pronunciation as the correct one but oh well

  28. IIRC, the EN voice direction uses the easiest pronunciation for Native English speakers.

  29. But with how much money genshin is generating I would expect much more. At the very least functional end-game content.

  30. I don't understand what the fuck are you talking about. From what I understand in your comment is that sukjoo has a crush on his cousin, Yuna? uhmm, wtf? Correct me if I'm wrong.

  31. The way Ruby just suddenly brought up how Akibo is difficult to work with and that getting permission from her would be tough was honestly a little scary. Like she knows the cosplay isn't going to go as planned and could tell right away what the issue would be which the AD didn't know about. It was also a subtle way of letting him know (or reminding him?) that Ruby is connected to Akibo through her brother. Ruby's become the kind of person who smiles while trying to put a struggling guy in her debt.

  32. I hope he doesn't. Seeing things backfire like this will definitely result in some interesting consequences both for the narrative and characters. E.g. How does Ruby reconcile such a thing with her friend? What does it mean for her future career endeavors? How does she take such a mistake?

  33. Interesting? Probably. Would it be consistent with Aqua's characterization to not step in? A big no.

  34. But I get why he chose the way he did.

  35. Oh yeah, forgot about the girl with the massive dango bun.

  36. At this point, he's probably not going to argue about the existence of gods. Though he's definitely going to complain to them if he meets one.

  37. Oh wow the twist at the end was really nice. When you reread it, you'd notice why Uryuu suddenly barge in Asahi while she's still in the bathroom without knocking. Or why Yuna was so mad about Uryuu taking a crossdressing role.

  38. I think Asahi's arc was more about the future—or rather, potential future. It's Yuna's arc that deals with the present. What is common with the three arcs aside from its supernatural nature is that Uryuu learns more about the sister in question while growing closer to them.

  39. dark Ruby is a lot creepier than dark Aqua. Aqua's was just an emo edgelord but Ruby is a full on yandere. every time she does that creepy dead pan smile i thought someone is gonna get stabbed for sure

  40. It's likely because Ruby is perpetually in "dark hoshigan" mode, unlike Aqua whose stars only go dark temporarily.

  41. Good way to make a visual distinction when they're always anime girls, though he nailed the "head-on" look that vtuber models have as well

  42. I'm guessing D will realize he can probably get away with a lot more by disguising himself as different people to avoid being called out on school rules, like as a teacher or the principal.

  43. I wonder if this ability, along with their shared motivation of hunting down Executives, will be what convinces Green Keeper to keep D around (assuming he hasn't realized it already).

  44. thats what i heard for NON Physical DPS unit cant go above R14 no matter what Due to Cygames Messed up the system on the JP version in the past.

  45. That will be the case until you guys get the rank bonus update, which removes the need to do this.

  46. They don’t inherit positions they earn them and are ranked by power.

  47. And the Harbingers can easily train their successors to fit the standard, which lets them inherit the title once their predecessor steps down for any reason.

  48. There is no evidence of previous members hell Signora is 500 years old and has held the seat for a long time. Also even if that were the case as they are ranked by strength it doesn’t mean they would get the rank. Don’t judge their ages based on looks.

  49. Tbf, I was speculating, which means I could be wrong.

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