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  1. Needed more time for the Jericho Moxley show

  2. Seems like we only get 15 free credits on your site?

  3. Had a history teacher who told the truth about how really the Soviet Union was responding for crushing the Nazis. I researched the main figures of the USSR and then read their main writings.

  4. I don't like to judge people based on their looks, but that dude definitelly looks like the type to beat his wife.

  5. Cops are drastically more likely to do so!

  6. I'd rather have another good promo than a midcard women's match that goes through a break

  7. Bring dragon Lee back to tag with bandido, and baby, you’ve got a stew going.

  8. I'm almost certain he's making more money than 99% of people on this sub

  9. This boat never functioned for the people, must be smashed and replaced with a people's boat

  10. Get yourself a surround system. Boost the center channel to be louder than the other speakers. The center channel is where the voices are mastered to go to. Voices crisp and loud, the rest just standard.

  11. Why should I change? They're the ones that suck

  12. That there is a belt -- a physical item. Championship is an idea, an honor. It has no material substance.

  13. I marked the Caps as a favorite team in the google app on my phone and it sends me reminders 10 minutes before the game with a little box score popup

  14. Look at that neck! How much does this guy weigh?

  15. They folks are still learning the trade, and they work what, a couple times a week? And some of them have opinions like they shouldn't take advice from veterans...

  16. Right? I got downvoted like a mf for saying that a few weeks ago. People on here were seriously tripping. I know they love the elite but goddamn, apply some critical thinking.

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