1. Am i experiencing deja vu? Cause i remember it is the third time a person posting this. The second time when someone posted it a person in the comment wrote exactly the same "i remember a person posting it like a year ago and people were clowning on him" and i think it was you who said "yes" then i went to the first post and saw people clowning on you and i remember there was a mod comment at the top about stop clowning the oc. Bruh am i going insane or wot.

  2. It did happen, tho our reposting rule basically says 30 days so i'll just leave this up

  3. With the manhwa now reaching its end with its 179th chapter, we've compiled all the chapters in a single spot for everyone to read. Thank you for following the manhwa up until now.

  4. It's not out yet, it's in development by the korean game company Netmarble Corp.

  5. Just realized that the link given in this post has hella missing chapters like wtf??? Why is noone talking about this...and shit like this has happened way too many times.

  6. Not sure what you say is missing, if you could elaborate on that

  7. Just go check the chapter on asurascans and co.pare that with this linked one. After jinwoo's megazord gets recked, his whole hybrid like transformation and some panels after that are missing

  8. I checked it when i posted the comment with 2 other sites and it matched everything, yet now when i look at it again i can see some are missing, i'm not sure what's up with that, i'll look into it

  9. we do not condone misogyny on the sub, consider this a warning, keep it civil in the comments

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