1. Can’t grind SPA with the MP4/4 tho, when it gets dark, it gets DARK!! no headlights in those cars… sadly. 😢

  2. I done it twice. Second time I raised the EV

  3. I had noticed and thought I was crazy then I saw somewhere someone else noticed. But I’ve had the big one so long I didn’t remember what the old one looked like

  4. For sure people are just gonna say bye! When I signed up, if I wanted 4k, I had to grab the top of the line. And it allowed up to 4 screens as well. So I let my parents and in-laws use it too. My in-laws had literally just cancelled their subscription because it was too expensive. For sure they won’t be signing back up. Besides I have Amazon Prime Video and Disney+ as well.

  5. I say “Ness” for the NES (regardless of language) so I say “Super Ness” for the SNES

  6. Going out of bounds, basically. You crossed the white lines and left the racing surface. Some tracks are more finicky and vague than others. The last bend before Indianapolis corner on Circuit de la Sarthe gets me a lot.

  7. I’d be willing to pay that. I’d call it a fair price

  8. I’m not sure how I feel about this. But to each their own

  9. 3. You’re on menu book 3 and you’re complaining that you don’t have the entire game unlocked?

  10. Quite clearly the complaint here is that I've been stuck on this one race for a miserable hour.

  11. It’s menu 3. You’re basically still in the tutorial

  12. Lol. Blaming the console for bad internet.

  13. The PS4 is and always has been notoriously slow in this regard. My Xbox 360 from 2005 downloads stuff faster.

  14. Well I have great internet and my PS4 downloads 2Gb patches in no time flat 🤷‍♂️

  15. It was actually a LOT harder at launch. But since they reworked the suspension/tire physics engine, I went back and am absolutely crushing my old times. IA-10 (the R32 on Trial Mountain, if IA-10 is wrong), I knocked 4.7 seconds off of my previous best-only-good-enough-for-bronze-after-20-minutes-of-trying time to get gold in like 5 minutes. I got 2 S licenses gold in the same sitting. I have like 7 left and its done

  16. You just have to loose a few to get sent back to the “original” “slow” lobby. I use a dyno beater as well, and I also get this problem. It also seems to me like going a day without live racing does the trick.

  17. It depends from car to car, but I tend to prefer transmission. Shorter shift time is usually good for a nice chunk of time off

  18. That's insane. I don't know if I have the patience. The grind doesn't need to be that hard.

  19. Dude there were literal 24 hour races on GT4 and 5. Maybe 6 IDR

  20. Assuming the guitar was built correctly, including things like the wood was dried correctly, the only reason a guitar would need a new neck in your lifetime is an accident. Like dropping the guitar and breaking the neck, or leaving it on the couch and forgetting it there and sitting on it. Regular wear and stress should allow a well built guitar’s neck to last a lifetime. At least.

  21. How many videos of this are they gonna have to see before they realize it’s a stupid idea?

  22. I was gonna until I saw the price. Yowza

  23. Ferrari 250 GTO (PP 435; NOS on 3rd) and Mazda Rocket Bunny MX-5 Miata (PP 435; NOS in 4th). Easy wins.

  24. Which parts do uninstall to get them to those numbers though? Could you share your setups?

  25. So first of all, different people have the trial in different tiers. On one account it’s tier 5 and I have numerous cars set up with a lower pp but fast enough to win. On the other account I think it’s tier 2 and I use a legends DB5 with a negative tune.

  26. So first of all, no. Everyone gets exactly the same events at exactly the same times. There’s a chart on the Megathread outlining which event happens on which day of the season. I’ll go find the link and come back and post it here

  27. You mean the showdowns that require cash cars and normal newish players cant enter?

  28. I haven’t spent a dime on this game, let alone for a car, and I have like 4 eligible cars for the current Showdown

  29. Which showdown? I only see two, one red with $$ cars and a purple elite showdown who only has 4 eligible cars total.

  30. The Championship Showdown (red) is live right now. That’s the one I’m slaying in.

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